The 2018-2019 NFL Thread: What will Goodell screw up this year?


First on that list will be more rules to protect quarterbacks.


Probably some revision to the “hits to the head” rule. One thing that I think they should look at and reinforce is offensive pick plays because they let teams get away with egregious picks that are way beyond five yards (it’s supposed to only be done at the line of scrimmage.). Also I would like a revision of PI to where defenders aren’t flagged if the offensive player straight up slows down on purpose to get hit because he knows he won’t get to the ball and the defender can’t stop his momentum, yeah I know it’s a judgment call and all.


Another change that will likely happen is horse collar tackles on quarterbacks currently being legal as long as the QB is in the pocket.



It’s like the WWE…

The ref didn’t see it…




I wouldn’t blame him Goodell screwed him twice. Cost him a years salary for Bounty Gate…that was seven million dolllars. Plus Fox was going give him a TV job for that year for 2 million and the NFL wouldn’t allow it. I’d be shocked if he didn’t hate Goodell before the no call.


Payton is part of the Competition Committee. The no-call is just as much on him as it is Goodell.


Are you seriously blaming Goodell for the missed call in the NFC championship game? Or are you referring to something else as the second time he was screwed?


I’m not sure how you’d fix a blown call of that magnitude in a way that doesn’t cause a shit storm. What’s the legitimate solution to this? Hell I’ll here some wack hot takes while we’re at it too.


What I’m saying is, those penalty reviews that you want? He had the ability to try and make it a fruition as part of the Competition Committee. But the NFL as usual is a self-serving bunch of people. No one cares about shit that happens in the NFL until it fucks them over personally. So while he’s not “to blame”, he’s got some nerve blaming Goodell over shit he could’ve potentially helped change for the better.

However, yes he has been screwed multiple times by Goodell on a personal level so he does have legitimate reason to hate him. But the no-call, where was his caring on the other no-calls screwing other teams? Or benefitting him?


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I was referring to how Goodell costed him 7 million dollars via suspension and not allowing him to work at Fox for 2 million while he was suspended. He got screwed twice. To pour salt in the wound Tagliabue threw out the Bounty Gate suspensions the following year as the independent arbitrator.


Goodell can rightfully be blamed for a lot but the Saints blown call is not one of them. Unless immediately afterwards Goodell told Payton 'It was me, I made the call not to overturn it and passed it to the officials ’ I agree ain’t shit that he could have done short of redoing the game’s 4th like baseball.

That being said, I would buy a version of that shirt.


So Rob Ryan is back in the league. Should be interesting.


NFL Network recently aired a commercial showing the Patriots winning a Super Bowl that hasn’t been played yet:


Sunday, 2/3/2019, 3:30 p.m.

Super Bowl LIII


Did someone say John Brady (a John Cena reference)…


Now, I find myself in the minority in my NOT hating Brady and the Patriots for childish reasons (looking at you, Raiders fans). That being said, I am not a fan of the Pats nor am I of Brady for my own reasons. That being said, I am looking forward to seeing the Rams get revenge for 2002.

LOL @ all salty, entitled Saints fans. Being on the receiving end of a blown call is normal for us Lions fans. Buck and get over it. At least you guys still have a team, as opposed to Oakland and St. Louis…


Honestly I kind of don’t feel sorry for St. Louis. Yes it sucks for the fans but the city sort of stole the team in the first place.


The Rams in Los Angeles feels right. It always have. Them moving to St. Louis was never a right fit in my honest opinion.