The 2018-2019 NFL Thread: What will Goodell screw up this year?


It’s San Diego who got fucked. The Chargers have no business in LA, it’s always been Rams/Raiders town.


Are we sure Jeff Fisher isn’t calling the offensive plays for the Rams this game?


This sounds almost like a Patriots home game.


So is this wrap because I want to get back on my Monster Hunter World grind


It was a wrap the second Jared Goff decided to put on his best Kerry Collins impression.


I was thinking Neil O’Donnell but I get your point.


“Hollywood” Tom Brady reigns supreme, once again. Whatcha gonna do when Bradymania runs wild on you, NFL fans?



Should’ve let Nick Foles through if you wanted him defeated again.




That was the most boring ass Super Bowl ever.
Even the commercials were boring


We’re literally watching the best QB/Coach duo of all time.

We’re gonna be telling grandkids about all this salt and hate, hate, hate, hate.



Super bowl was the cure for insomnia


Of course he did…


Josh Gordon is getting a Super Bowl ring.


Tom Brady should get like 3 more rings. You know, “fuck it, keep going until body is done!!!”


I knew halfway through the 3rd quarter that the Rams weren’t going to win this game. Goff just isn’t/wasn’t good enough to step up in the biggest moment of his career. Sean Mcvay is going to win a Ring sometime during his career. Now for the patriots…

I’ve said it for the better part of 2 years but Bill Bellicheck is the best head coach of all time. He’s a top 3 football mind (GM, Coach, Coordinator) of all time. This medicore Patriots defense wasn’t top 10 in run or pass defense all year. While the Rams weren’t the same team offensively after losing Cooper Kupp, they were still a good offense. He kept that team to 3 points, and easily could have pitched a shutout.

This is probably Brady’s last superbowl win. I can only see him winning one more if next years Patriots team have an all time great defense like the legion of Boom or the Broncos/Ravens defense from a few seasons ago. He can still have great games but I think this year proved that he won’t be as consistent as he once was in terms of performance.

I hope Gronk retires. He’s a top 3 TE of all time and he already plays the throughout the season with a significant amount of pain. He finally was able to play for a superbowl winning Patriots team. The other rings he has with the team he was injured for part of the run or during the superbowl game itself.

I thought people saying Edelman being a hofer was ridiculous before I saw his playoff stats. Dude is money during the most important time of year. Surefire HOFer.



Both teams were playing like the winner has to go to the White House.