The 2018-2019 NFL Thread: What will Goodell screw up this year?


Both teams play great defensive games.

Super bowl sucked.

You guys are the fucking worst TBH.



We are ready for the parade and mcdonalds buffet


First off season news:



Hahaha what in the :thinking:


“At the end of the day, you’re all gonna die”


Just a reminder that the last QB to throw a TD in the Super Bowl is still Nick Foles.


Its been tough guys


Hate them already…


For the belt? They have a bunch of em


I know…that’s the point.


Its just weird to join the hate bandwagon now. Shoulda alrwady been on it


Been hating on Brady and the Patriots since the second championship.


I guess if you aren’t a Pats fan, you prob thought the game was boring. My mind was blown at how amazing the D played. It was like a completely different team.


Rams were s totally different team than whos been playing the whole season.


Nah, they were the same team that’s been playing the last 7 Weeks, the Pats just exposed them harder than most. The Bears and the Eagles gave everyone the formula to wax them.


In the history of all of football weve only had one real year of good defense. So its crazy to see how it all played out


the patriots defense was different then what we had saw the entire season. of course they stacked the front end and forced goff to beat them which is why they saw so many bodies up in his face. he couldnt step into any throws at all which is why gilmore was able to get a pick on him in the end. tom brady didnt play his best but when it was time he did what he had to do they edelman was open the whole game.