The 2018-2019 NFL Thread: What will Goodell screw up this year?


Oh NFL you…



Had to double check. Yep, that is the dude who stomped the broad.





Wow I just learned why Bob Costas isn’t around anymore. What a pile of horseshit. Good on him for watching out for players.



Not a big Costas fan, but I can respect the fact that he’s putting his occupation at risk to speak his mind.

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Antonio Brown wanting a trade…
Joe Flacco traded to the Broncos…

This freaking off-season.



Elway can’t draft and develop a young quarterback. He has to rely on signing veteran quarterbacks that take up a chunk of the salary cap and hope they produce a playoff appearance and Super Bowl.

He should find a way to get Dwayne Haskins in the draft.



He can’t risk a Young Stud taking his spot as the Greatest Broncos QB.

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…a good day.



Well they obviously got paid. The league would be bragging otherwise.



Yeah, they settled so both are probably walking away with a legit payday… and owners go back to business doing the same bullshit.

This good for Kaepernick and Reid personally but nothing is solved or changed.



It at the very least ends the “its because he wasn’t good or wanted a starting job” bullshit that was being spread that people ate up.

Kaep likely got more money than he would of playing and gets to be on the right side of history but again nothing changed and only lets the owners know they can do this for little loss to them.

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Not really. You can settle for a number of reasons. In this case the NFL was probably looking at a bunch of cost/benefit analysis and decided this was the easier thing.

It is very like that its a combination of both: he wasn’t great and he got blackballed. My estimation is that they shut down the law suit before it could go into discovery. Because at that point Kaep’s camp would get to request e-mails and all sorts of bullshit; this is where they were likely to find more nonsense.

I’m still not sure which team wanted Kaep. Not like he was passing at that great a range or dropping bombs. Had it been Mahomes that couldn’t land a team, then we could easily call bullshit. But its a running QB; the last great hype running QB was RG3 and look how that ended up.



Pertho. Two words Nathan Peterman. That dude is statistically one of worse QBs in league history. He got another shot. The guy through 5 INTs in a half. That said, they had to have some sort of evidence on the league. For the league to settle would Reid also means they needed an NDA for both to keep whatever they had quiet.

Remember during the Redskins/Cowboys cap penalty nonsense, John Mara admitted to collusion on live TV. He said the owners had agreed not to spend over certain amount in an uncapped year. The only reason the league got away with it is because Demaurice Smith and the NFLPA is incompetent. The salary cap was supposed to be at 123 million that year, it was only 116 million. Demaurice Smith signed a deal with the league that increased the cap by 7 million to 123 million a condition of the agreement was that the NFLPA couldn’t so the NFL for collusion.

To show that I’m not talking out of my ass. Here is an article with Mara’s comments.



Kaep got the suit past Summary Judgment. That was enough. If you can get it to trial, literally anything can happen.

The NFL wins the case 95% of the time…but the case would drag on for endless months, while more and more of their dirty behind the doors shit would inevitably get brought into the light and the legal fees alone wouldn’t be cheap. They also would’ve gotten nothing for winning since most people would obviously believe that they still colluded and the prosecution just couldn’t find enough tangible evidence. Then of course, the 5% chance Kaep does win the suit and they’re uber fucked. Thus NFL gotta settle.

As for Kaep, a lot of people are bitching at him for taking the settlement and not taking the NFL down in court no matter what the cost. But honestly he doesn’t gain much if he wins a suit against the NFL. Again, everyone already believes that the NFL blackballed him, winning the suit wouldn’t really change that. He’s already getting paid a king’s ransom in the settlement and in his endorsement deals. Now he can play the (well not him because NDA and all, but his supporters) “The NFL settled because they knew I had something on them” card. It wasn’t worth the extreme expense and torture a high profile case can bring, especially since he likely loses the suit anyway.

Both sides had every reason to settle and both sides “win” in the process. Kaep gets his money, still has everyone believe that the NFL colluded, and now he never has to play a snap in Football again risking his health while getting paid and going out like a martyr. The NFL pays whatever they have them pay and then they get to move on with their business.

Fuck Eric Reid though.



I don’t disagree with you that he’d most likely lose but also wouldn’t put it pass the league to leave a smoking gun laying around. I mean when one of your most senior owners admits to collusion on the record and the general incompetence the league displays it wouldn’t shock me. If the NFL had to deal with a competent union like the NBA and MLB owners do, they’d be screwed with all the shenanigans they’ve pulled.



Even on a team-friendly veteran minimum deal, owners wouldn’t want to risk pissing off old money season ticket holders and losing sponsors from signing Kaep.

There are hundreds of QBs available to come off the street and hold a clipboard that won’t flood the phonelines with refund requests.

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That’s the one thing I don’t know. Which team could’ve legitimately used Kaep? A team that had a quaterback spot available that needed somebody who was kind of okay at throwing?



You got a few teams out there that already have young QBs where running is there best trait. Kaep could easily back some of them up, or provide experience on how to adapt his game. I mean fucking Sam Bradford has been getting paid for less and if Goff’s performance in the Super Bowl are not a clear sign NFL teams have problems with judging talent at the QB position I don’t know what are.

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Maybe the Skins could have used him after their first two QBs broke their legs.

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