The 2018-2019 NFL Thread: What will Goodell screw up this year?


The team is trying to get the rights to the land where RFK stood. For that they need Trump, so that was never going to happen. Supposedly the coaching staff wanted to bring him in and Snyder/Allen put the kibosh on it. Kaep would have been better than Sanchez and Johnson, that’s not even debatable.


Kaep can funnel that money he got from the suit to fight social injustice, and he didn’t have to snap one ball or destroy his body for years to do it. And also NFL settling is almost essentially admitting they colluded. That’s a win-win all around for Kaep


People sure are dense I said it earlier Skins ownership alongside McNair and Jones where the biggest proponents to the kneeling why would he bring in Kap.

The team who really could have used him and done well was the Jags but they felt some loyalty towards Bortles as to why I have no idea.


Well, yeah, no way in hell Snyder would pick up Kaep. I was just saying that they are a team that could have used him when their other two quarterbacks went down.


He choose his hill to die on and he wasn’t going to budge. The second he tried to use Fox News polls as a legitimate source that kind of says it all. Heck Texans kept pulled the same thing by bringing in QBs that hadn’t even been in the league that tells you the mindset they had.


I wish the Fins would have signed Kaep instead of burning ten mil on signing Cutler for that one year


Yeah, I’m not arguing man, lol. I was just answering Pertho’s question. I know there was no way any team would pick him up.


I don’t know enough about the strategy side of the NFL to make a good call on who could’ve used him. All I know is that teams have systems and then if the QB doesn’t fit the system then the QB is ass and the team ruins their career with bad coaching.


Kaep was most likely better than Josh Johnson and Mark Sanchez, but that’s not saying much. The shit show that would have come along with signing Kaep added on top of the disfunction the Redskins already have would have been too much to handle for this area.


Sorry that’s just an excuse man. The Ravens ran a completely different offense with Lamar Jackson. When Josh McDaniels was the Broncos coach they ran a completely different offense when they tossed in Tebow. The “system” excuse is just that. If you can’t adapt your scheme to your players, you aren’t a very good coach.


See, I hate that last part though. Settling is not an admission of guilt. While I do think the NFL is at least partly guilty them settling shouldn’t sway opinion one way or another. Because I can easily throw it back like “Well, Kaep settling when he theoretically has nothing to lose means he has nothing”.

A settlement is just a way to finish a matter so neither side has to go through the absolute hell of a very long, arduous trial where both sides will get dragged through the mud and lose countless dollars on legal fees. If anything, the goal in many legal cases is to settle. The courts are the last resort.


I said what I said, the NFL DID THAT SHIT .


I ain’t saying you wrong either. I believe that a majority of people are going to have that belief. I’m just saying that the settlement shouldn’t push it one way or another. All beliefs should remain as they were beforehand. Which is why it’s ultimately a win for both sides.


Ah okay I get you.

Ravens where close to picking him up. But I don’t believe that story that Kapernicks girlfriend ruined his chances sounds like a cheap out in order to avoid the PR hit. Also F Ray Lewis.


Yeah, Kaep probably wouldn’t have been the perfect fit for the Skins, and that was the excuse they used not to go after him- that he didn’t fit their offensive system. Which is funny because i didn’t really think Mark Sanchez was a good fit either. Or Josh Johnson.

What’s funny is that the last time Kaep replaced Alex Smith, his team went deep in the playoffs two years in a row, including a Superbowl. Yeah i know that was mostly due to the defense Scot McCloughan built.


I remember that, but that was shortly before the 49ers imploded. he was also struggling with his passing a lot.

Kind of a bleh situation. Also really puts into context that whole “he causes too much drama in the locker room” adage that people love using for other players. If that’s a good reason not to get somebody like TO in your team, wtf do you do with a dude who brings a national spotlight on your team?


The thing is with TO like players teams are honest. “We don’t want this guy because he causes too much drama.” With Kaepernick they were spouting obvious BS “He’s not good enough to play in the league”. Mean while Nathan Peterman, Mark Sanchez, Connor Cook, and various other bums get contracts. Just say “We won’t sign him because it will alienate our fans.”


No one is a good fit to replace a QB that deep into the season unless that QB has been an ingrained part of that team already.

If you want Kaep, or any decent backup, you do that before even OTAs start realistically. But as a wise coach once said of Peyton Manning and it goes for many teams. “If (insert starting QB here) goes down, we’re fucked. We don’t practice ‘fucked’”. Most teams don’t bother to put in the initiative to get a proper backup and install him in the off chance the QB goes down because they feel that they’re screwed regardless and if the QB doesn’t go down then it was a waste of time.

You would think the fact that the Super Bowl has been won, MULTIPLE TIMES, with Backup QBs coming in and putting on really good performances that teams would take a little more care when it comes to actually going out and finding a good one. But many teams still slack off.



So he went in for a happy ending but got deflated instead.