The 2018-2019 NFL Thread: What will Goodell screw up this year?




Starta hanging out with Offset and Quavo, gets arrested for doing hood ratty shit.

Black people are an awful influence on white people. Wont you think of the millionaires!?


Is prostitution under human trafficking now? Ive see articles with both titles.


IIRC the owner of the establishment is facing human trafficking charges.


Would depend on whats going on with the particular operation. Dont think you can wholesale call it that trafficking.


I wasnt sure because i know it can potentially be that. But i didnt know if legally they put it under that umbrella label, since technically the ven diagram of that crosses


Based off reports, several if not most of the female workers are basically young women who came to the country trying to find legit work but got forced by those that brought them on VISAS to work and live at the massage salons doing what they were told for fear of deportation and probably other things. So that is what they call a sex slave.

Hence the human trafficking charges against the owner and those that run the establishments.


Damn, that’s fucked up man.


Nnnnnnn at these leagues…


God damn, they killed it before it got off the ground.



Wtf is happening


Bears fans saw it coming…


INB4 his next concussion

Cowboys can’t find a tight end in the draft? Eagles taking Dallas Goedert before Dallas could take him must have stung real hard for Jones to ask Witten to un-retire.

At least our ears are saved from his horrible commentary.


Wow…how the fuck?
Really Manziel?

This could be quite the game changer.



Sucks for Thomas and whoever was hurt. Hope all parties moving forward aren’t seriously harmed by this.


People are speculating that he broke the terms of his contract on purpose so he could get bigger money in the AAF or XFL since he never was big on the CFL.

No matter what, dude is still a joke.


and the CFL said it wouldn't register a contract should other teams try to sign him.

does this mean it was really bad?


Redskins traded for Keenum. It looks like a good trade. Denver basically gave him away and picked up half his salary. Skins gave up a 6th in 2020 and get the Broncos 7th in 2020. Broncos are paying 3.5 million of Keenums 7 million dollar salary.