The 2018-2019 NFL Thread: What will Goodell screw up this year?


The last name…I know!


Honestly hope he saved his money…


Clearly he’s too stupid to have done that.


Trade made…Antonio with a new home.



Brown waking up this morning realizing he now has to play in Buffalo or not play at all…

This mofo didn’t realize how nice he had it.


It first I facepalmed about the Keenum deal. But then after hearing the terms and how the Redskins are still looking for a possible starter, I think it’s a great move. They basically gave up nothing to get a vet in there, which is needed regardless of how good he is.

But hey, at least Keenum is better than Cousins. I mean, he took the Vikes further than Cousins did!


Bills got that pull out game on point. Didn’t want to be stuck with the drama queen.


Patriots looking to trade for Michael Bennett. :eyes:


It already went through.


Antonio Brown to the Raiders then…



Alabama defensive players seem to work out for us and he is only 25.


Not really sure what you are talking about anything “working out” for the Redskins. They have been to the playoffs 5 times in 20 years and have won 2 games in the playoffs. They have been to the playoffs twice in the past decade with 0 wins. They have been and are utter shit. Nothing has “worked out” for them in 20 years.


We’ve drafted Alabama defensive players the last two years and thus far, none of them have been a bust. Allen and Payne look like at minimum good players and Shaun Dion-Hamilton our 6th Round pic from last year played well enough to take Zack Brown’s starting spot and make him expendable. Ryan Anderson has been the weakest of our pics and he’s solid depth/good special teamer.


So “not being a bust” is your definition of “working out?” That is how low the bar is set with the Redskins.

In case you forgot, the Redskins have been below .500 the past 2 years.

That’s far from anything “working out”.

Also, Clinton Dix is Bama and he sucks.


To be fair, the Skins had a run of really bad luck last year when Alex Smith’s leg fell off. Before that they were looking to make some noise late in the season and possibly beyond.


Payne and Allen are two of the best young lineman in the league. Both of them are in their early 20s, hell Payne is finally able to buy his own beer what are you on fam. We’ve hit on Bama players. You are acting like I’m praising Josh Doctson.


And Kerrigan is/was also one of the best lineman in the NFL. What has that gotten the Redskins?

And the Redskins ALWAYS have the injury excuse. I’m tired of that shit. Everyone other than blind homers knew that the brand of football the Redskins were winning with was not sustainable. I mean the Bucs had over 500 yards of offense against them and they had 3 points to show for it. That’s just fluke as shit.

I’m just saying, claiming that Bama guys are “working out” for the Redskins after having 2 young studs that helped them to back to back 7-9 seasons doesn’t mean jack shit.


first things first yall gotta get a new field