The 2018-2019 NFL Thread: What will Goodell screw up this year?


The Redskins need a new everything.


Drafting a player and having them meet or exceeds expectations is “working out” to me. You are going off on a completely different tangent fam. Our owner sucks, our “GM” sucks, but when the broken clock is right, I’ll mention it. They’ve seem to do well with Bama guys. They struck out on Dix, but the 4th they gave away for him will be 3rd next year if gets a decent contract.


Amazing how a stadium built in 1999 is considered old now.


Sadly anything over a decade without some major renovation is considered old by stadium standards. Plus owners are greedy fucks that want to out do one another and get the pride of hosting a SB.


Not only is FedEx old, it’s just a pile of shit. It’s a concrete bowl that is in the middle of nowhere and the only way to get there is on 495, which is probably already the worst highway in the country, other than maybe the 405. There’s one way in and one way out, and going to a game is an all day event since you will spend hours in traffic.

Then you have overpriced food/drinks. The stadium is way too big and again, over priced. Then you have “obstructed view” seats where you will literally have a seat with a pillar in front of you, in a covered area that looks like a damn bat cave. Google those seats if you are curious, it’s laughable. It’s just a generic ass stadium that has no character.

There is nothing special about the tailgate. They hardly have enough portapotties that people just go piss in the woods instead of waiting for 30 minutes. When you leave the stadium, the parking lot looks like a fucking garbage dump because they don’t have dumpsters around for you to put your trash in and nobody picks up shit.

Then you also had the Redskins lying about a season ticket holder waitlist for the past 2 decades, when everyone knows that there is no waitlist. There’s no incentive to get season tickets either as you get like nothing special for it. Back when they were at RFk season tickets were treasured and generational in families. I know because they were in my family and eventually given up at FedEx because it’s just a shit experience.

I’ve been the M&T 3 times and it’s a night/day difference. There are tons of ways in and out of the stadium, you’re in traffic for like 5-10 minutes maybe until you hit the highway when you leave. The stadium is smaller and intimate. The tailgating is way better and better organized. The food and bars inside are better. Oh, and the football team is way better too.


I thought M&T was older than FedEx.

I will now change my statement to “Amazing how Snyder had endless resources and data on stadium construction/logistics and still managed to fuck it up”.


Actually, FedEx Field is on Jack Kent Cooke,. He was the previous owner of the team. It was initially named after him. It completed construction in 1997. Two years before Snyder bought team. I often wonder if the stadium turned out so poor because they were rushing to complete It due to JKC’s failing health. Going from RFK to Fed Ex Field is like going to from a dime to a five.


That’s what I originally posted before I deleted. LOL!! I’ve never been to FedEx before but RFK was the shiznits…ever though I never went there either. But I remember as a kid riding past there and getting excited knowing the Redskins were consistent winner. Watching them on t.v. especially when they played Dallas and the whole stadium loudly chanting “WE WANT DALLAS!!!”. Even when I drive by RFK now I still remember those days.


I will then update my statement to “I’m blissfully ignorant about the Redskins, but I’m happy with old ass Camarohead, and I love me some Honey Badger”.


WOW Cleveland looking fucking solid next year.

Look Beckham is a drama queen but depending on the cost this so good for the Browns. How many teams can trade for a top 5 WR in his prime?


Mayfield and OBJ on the same team…Hard Knocks pls


Wow at Odell traded to Cleveland…


Baker, OBJ and Landry is gonna be a nuclear offensive threat. AFC North is pissing themselves.


Lmfao they traded him wow


The passing game will really open up if Nick Chubb’s running game improves. If that happens, the Browns will be a team to really look out for in the next few seasons.


Don’t forget, they have Kareem Hunt too. Steelers picked the wrong time to give away two of their best weapons.


Not like they had much of a choice.



Chiefs are trading Dee Ford to the Niners for a 2020 2nd round pick. I don’t think you let yourself get worked like that unless you have a big dick signing in mind…