The 2018-2019 NFL Thread: What will Goodell screw up this year?


AFC North is pissing themselves lol…

The Bengals are on par with the Bucs and Bills for low tier trash next season… The Ravens will have to run at next level elite godlike status to just be a wild card… The Browns only have to fear the Steelers… which are still the Steelers but really what do you fear with a sub par talent from a year ago that missed the playoffs with better than what they will have?

Its been years but the Browns have the worst division in football easy and the best team in it easy…The Browns really are favored to win the North but a legit on paper playoff threat…


The browns just fleeced the giants

I dont want to live anymore

The browns still have $55 mill in cap space



$35 Million Guaranteed. For those who don’t remember, that’s a grand total of $2 Million more than the Steelers had offered.

He gave up an entire year’s salary (whether he signed that extension or the Tag) for an extra $2 Million Guaranteed.


Bell wanted the NYC endorsement money. Anywhere else he would be selling car dealerships or ketchup

Edit: Steelers offered $17 million guaranteed, but that was assuming Bell would take the $14.5 million tag and survive a 400 touch season before free agency.


Didn’t see this coming.


Yo! Don’t insult the Bills and Bucs saying they are on par with the Bengals. Bills at least have some talent at QB and a good defense.


Ravens vs the Browns looking quite interesting…


the north looks fun. steelers are on their last legs before they fly into rebuild mode bengals are already in rebuild mode. ravens have circumvented the process to some degree but they still have a rookie quarterback same with the browns but those could be the top 2 teams. im hoping it will come down to them would be nice to see the browns in the hunt.


Ravens signed Mark Ingram too. 3 years/ 15 mil. AFC North is basically Cleveland vs Baltimore at this rate :thinking: Though I do find it interesting that he was asking for 7 mill from New Orleans then turns around and signs with Baltimore for 5.



That is a lot of money for a guy that looked like he lost a step last year. Plus they just gave the Eagles a 3rd Round Compensatory pick for next year.


While the Steelers are losing Bell and Brown, they still got Big Ben, Juju and what seemed like an improving defense compared to previous years. I wouldn’t count them fully out yet. The Bengals are done but I think folk giving the Steelers for out of the running might be ignoring some things.


Kareem Hunt suspended for eight games.


This why the NFL catches flak. No consistency. Doesn’t their policy state 6 games for a 1st offense. Josh Brown gets one game for a pattern of abuse. Elliot gets 6 games when the investigator thinks his ex is full of shit. Now Hunt gets 8 games. I don’t a problem with that but what is point of a policy that won’t be followed.


Don’t worry, Reuben Foster will be suspended for the whole season, just because Redskins.


With our luck it will be indefinitely


They aren’t really ignoring anything. Last season showed two glaring flaws in the Steelers’ system. That their running game is Conner or bust with Leveon gone and their receiving core is pretty bare bones outside of AB and Juju. Now that Brown is gone, defenses no longer have to play pick your poison and can fully focus on Juju. Unless they hit paydirt with them drafting a WR, their chances of success next season look to be bleak.


Well played Manziel…


So he joins the worst team in the CFL for the worst team in the AAF. Interesting.