The 2018-2019 NFL Thread: What will Goodell screw up this year?


Jameis Winston right now while looking at Fitzpatrick’s numbers:



Ummmm Carlson being cut right after this game… He gonna have to Uber himself home…


Dan Bailey about to make some CASH because there about to be a bidding war.


Him and Treadwell. I hope this answers some questions about Cousins though. Led his team to OT with a TD and 2 PT conversion DESPITE Treadwell causing that interception on the drive right before. Insane game!


One thing I’d be worried about is that this is the second straight week they jumped out to a big lead and let the opponent claw their way back to within a TD. That’s not a trend you want to continue.


4th quarter Clay Matthews is aids and cancer simultaneously to the packers


To be fair, that roughing the passer call on Matthews was bullshit, as was the one the Vikings got for hitting Rodgers. That new rule is pretty frustrating, and leaves a lot open for interpretation.


Thats a fair assessment. Heres to hoping as the season progresses we see less of that.


Damn Vontae Davis just quit/retired at halftime for the Bills.

He was like this team might really go 0-16…


Davis quitting like that is understandable. That coaching staff and front office is pee wee league tier.


NE instead of Jax goes conservative and dies for it in sweet, dramatic irony.



This is might be to be a 7-9 season for Houston!!


The 5 minutes of work? Wouldnt be surprised to not see this guy again. Praise be for the tie tho


After today’s game, I think the Chiefs may be okay when it comes to receiver depth.

Also worth mentioning that I have Mahomes and Hill on my work fantasy league team. They’ll need to have an actual draft next season because this year’s autodraft haul is ridiculous


Naw this boy isn’t on some rookie salary he is getting paid like a very good defensive back despite rarely being on contending teams or showing leadership quality. He ain’t Andre Johnson after years carrying shit to average QBs, he doesn’t get the right to walk off on a bad team like he didn’t help it suck with his play.


Somehow both my teams are 2-0. Lets see how far my Jags and Bengals can go.


Two Teams? You make me sick.


Just a reminder that the state of florida is currently unbeaten in the nfl


Of course it would be the fucking Bucs that ends up robbing me out of 5 grand


Meanwhile, in the Hidden Leaf Steeler Village…