The 2020-21 NBA Thread: Raptors in 7

OK guys you know the drill, just lemme know if you wanna change teams and let’s watch dat 3-6 happen.

Teams and their supporters:

[details=Spoiler]Below are a compiled list of current NBA teams along with posters who are fans of them

(Alphabetical order)
Atlanta Hawks - (Shinblanka, K4polo,<Insert Name Here>)
Boston Celtics - . (Maxx, SmoothViper, PBalla, Shinkuu Tatsumaki, DarkGeneral, ETEP1)
Brooklyn Nets - LOL
Charlotte Hornets - (Unreallystic, locoghoul, Reiraku)
Chicago Bulls - (BullDancer, Bious, The Co-Jones, Reason4U, makmak!!!, Spycarnegy, Geese Pants, AKUMA2000, Gravity)
Cleveland Cavaliers - (The Purple Bunny)
Dallas Mavericks - (Terry_NB, Black Jesus, TornadoFlame, charlie88)
Denver Nuggets - (Mr. Noodle)
Detroit Pistons - S (Cool-Breeze, Kashiyukasthighs, DGod205)
Golden State Warriors - (Seta, Subt-L, Night, Morphiend, TheWholeFNshow, Etep1, Vestax)
Houston Rockets - S (AkumaTX, KnuckleifyouBuckley, GrimmJow316, KD Alpha, locoghoul, Frosty4U)
Indiana Pacers- (Silver Rain 007)
Los Angeles Clippers - S (Robust)
Los Angeles Lakers - (KimTerran, Boom!, Eren, Thurst, Taito, Rockman X, FOBio, SadQuotes, Strike_Prime, KD Alpha, Amazing Funbags, Wil, de BLOO)
Memphis Grizzlies - (akumatrunigga, D.R.E.)
Miami Heat - (Geo, D’Nyc3, Ivy’s lover)
Milwaukee Bucks - (Arsenal,Spideyman)
Minnesota Timberwolves - (Gravity, The Co-Jones)
New Orleans Pelicans - (Geo)
New York Knicks - (Galactic, Black Chandler, debs, Mood4food77)
Oklahoma City - (KD Alpha, po pimpus)
Orlando Magic - (Satomiblood, BshidoHeat)
Philadelphia 76ers - (ViciousSLASH, CTG)
Phoenix Suns - (Psychoblue, Ivy’s lover, xEGAxBeastkingx)
Portland Trail Blazers -
Sacramento Kings - (BR3N7, a15kko, DukeC)
San Antonio Spurs - (ViciousSLASH, Weeks, DGod205)
Toronto Raptors - N (Mr.Noodle, BadMojo, just_prime)
Utah Jazz - (The Invincible Swordsman)
Washington Wizards - (Unreallystic)

The non-current teams and their supporters

Zombie Sonics - (Jae Hoon, cKrAzY, rcaido)[/details]

Retired Players


Paul Pierce, Stephon Marbury?

Coaching Departures

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SI’s Top 100 player list


who needs rankings?

New Unis


Go Bulls :frowning:

Let’s hope the no name bulls can make something outta nothing. Unless there’s a surefire guy they can try and tank for.

Otherwise, go Minnesota Butler, I mean T-Wolves

I respect Whiteside and Dragic but can’t wait for Hornets to outperform the Heat this season

Time to see how far this Paul George rental will take us until we get bodied by GS in the playoffs.

Wake me up when its the finals, mlb too good rn

Kuzma steal of the draft! But which position does he backup the 4 or the 3? We need to get Deng’s contract off the books this year, easier said than done.


Posting coz new thread.

LeBron looking at schools in LA now.


SRK doing fantasy this year?

Subscribed! Let’s go Warriors!

WTF, we have the same amount of posts lol

Been a dubs fan since the 90’s. I miss going to Oracle Arena. I’m glad I got to go to a few post season games and finals in 2015, the first time we smashed the Cavs before I moved down to San Diego. There are hardly any sports fans down here.

I’ll probably watch 20 games this season. They may be bad for a while.
Time to start praying for that high lottery number. Or pray for Anthony Davis coming home in a few years.

Meanwhile in Minneapolis, the wolves have real expectations this year. Can’t wait!

Bulls signing Diamond Stone. Sounded like a stripper or Evan’s brother.

Can DeRozan actually hit 3s at least a 32% clip this year…like damn. Or else he’ll keep getting clowned and have people acting like Khris Middleton is better than him.

2nd round exit for the Raps this year again, most likely.

Oh wow! What a coincidence.

Yeah, fan since the 90s too. I even had a Chris Mullin poster. I’ll catch a few games here and there each season at Oracle. I was at Game 7 in 2016 when Cavs won. Maaaaaaaaaaan, that hurt.

I just want to know who gonna catch these hands since I’m the champ.

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