The 2020-21 NBA Thread: Raptors in 7

We’re still forgetting the most important thing about the finals ending: Bronny Jr still got an asswhoopin waiting on him for smoking weed and recording it. I bet he was hoping the series would go to 7 games so he could prolong it :joy:


Im not watching undisputed for a year (not that i watched anyway). I really hope the next season has a crowd. Congrats to the Lakers for an overall great season. Danny Green 3 rings with 3 dif teams just like Bron lol.

My little brother said the same thing🤣



Rondo being on the Lakers, liking Dragic ( a shame that injury happened when it did) and affection for Jimmy Butler as he is sort of local are the main reasons I was pulling for the Heat.


Morey is leaving the Rockets

Lol Injuries are part of the game, that’s no excuse, Bron would have 5 rings if that’s the case. Pat wouldn’t say that if the Heat had won :joy:

The bubble is the most pure form of basketball IMO. No fans to keep up morale, no homecourt advantage, no outside distractions just pure skill and heart on the floor. The best team wins


Yeah, no asterisk for this and any other championship. As crappy as it is, injuries happen. We can go down rabbit holes every year for what-ifs.



Well fuck, they just agreed on a Dec 22nd start for a new 72 game season. WAY too early IMO, but I guess the players know better, they’re the athletes :man_shrugging:t5:

No world if it’s the bubble again tho


Dunno, the bubble was only good because it hosted a limited amount of teams.

All 30 teams? I think not

And will the Raptors face the same issues the Blue Jays had this season (unable to play in Toronto)?

I also agree is too early and perhaps if they had waited we could have had normal games with attendance but according to media sources they wanna take advantage if xmas games and nobody wants to overlap with the already delayed summer olympics schedule (early summer apparently).

Yea no shit.

If we had Bojan, maybe things would have been different.


Clippers cursed confirmed then. Russ is a black cloud



Well 2020 trying to fuck over Houston sports once more. These rumors have gotten to the point of being truly worrisome if Harden is trying to bail. Westbrook I like what he brings but losing him isn’t a death sentence. Losing Harden means it is over for the team for a minute, not to mention how the fuck we lose three future HoF guards in two off seasons?

Official I guess…

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James Jones had better hope the Suns make the playoffs this season or his ass may end up getting fired. In Suns fans eyes, trading away a fan favorite like Kelly Oubre is damn near riot worthy.

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