The 2020-21 NBA Thread: Raptors in 7

[Wojnarowski] Sources: After turning down an extension offer to become the first $50M a year player in league history, James Harden’s message to Houston is clear: Get me to Brooklyn. Rockets and Nets have been in contact, but there’s been no meaningful dialogue.

Nets wanna be the team with the most hated players I guess

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They learning from Lebron. The path of least resistance is the East. Watch Giannis join Nets next season when he gets peaced out again

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Yep, the Eastern Conference is the only way a to get through to the finals without going to war in every round of the playoffs. With the Warriors probably coming back healthy, the Lakers and rising talent all around, it is very difficult to try to fight through the West, I am guessing Harden and Westbrook after so many years have decided the same and folk for them thinking this is the best moment to get out to the East.

You had to fucking jynx it…


Hey if the Warriors are legit Klay or not they should be able to do well. Especially if the Rockets enter rebuild mode before or by the middle of the season.

Bulls got Patrick Williams…aight.

The irony of ball Lavar Ball shit talking Jordan now his son plays for Jordan :sob:

And I’ll give that crazy bastard Lavar his due, he’s successful willed his sons into the NBA, whether they have good careers or not. He’s not a bad dad from that perspective atleast

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Klay tore his achilles…

Imma start the conspiracy that Warriors got voodoo cursed by someone. Maybe that someone is behind Klutch sports idk

All three Ball brothers are in the NBA…

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Wizards not making playoffs confirmed

Davis getting paid…

JR be like…



That payday…



John Wall looked really good that first game back

Welp this Houston season is looking like a roller coaster but hey at least it is not just Harden related.

Multiple Rockets sent home before opening game due to contact tracing