The 2020-21 NBA Thread: Raptors in 7

Damn that was a game, GG Blazers.


The Hornets won, close this thread. I’ll see yall next year

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The Rockets just finessed the Nets with the greatest of ease.

Actually the Cavs deserve a lot of credit they made out like bandits in all this. Getting Allen and Prince will really give them a boost.

I ain’t expecting a lot given the Nets should be good this year, but I really feel probably could have gotten better return had Harden not been such a jackass in public about to the whole thing.

Props to new GM Stone and his front office for getting what we could. I loved Harden for a while but these last few weeks of him acting out whether it was his intentions to do so to drive the team to not want to keep him or the rumor to get himself to Philly and make it affordable for them have made this less emotional them if it suddenly happened a few weeks back before the trade request rumors hit.

I am ready for the toxic locker room stories

Time for some petty behavior!