The 2020-21 NBA Thread: Raptors in 7

I liked the old ones better for the most part. Talking about the real man jerseys btw, fuck sleeves

I was rocking Nike x NBA Jerseys back in 2002-2004. Best Quality imo.

Wolves Jersey tho:

I have to get caught up on the latest Raptor activity (been watching a lot of baseball), but I know all eyes will be on Casey this season. He better be ready.

Yea I’m set coppin one of those Suns statement jerseys.

Casey is the Marvin Lewis of the NBA. That dude ain’t never getting fired, no matter how many mediocre seasons he produces.

I just got my power back after 6 days. Fuck Irma.

Those new OKC jerseys are fire.

Irma was a bitch, but I only lost power for 2 days.

Can’t wait for this season. Also think the rules committee isn’t going far enough in their draft lottery proposal.

Let the Sixers know they are doomed to fail forever unless they play seriously by completely inverting the lottery. The best odds go to the champion and the worst odds go to the worst record. The Dynasties shall reign FOREVER~

we better…i’m tryin to improve on my 3rd place finish…my old video game created team team wants a ring…

les go MEM…make the playoffs while beating the top tiers in the regular season and get no love for it like you always do…

When’s Opening Night again?

Stay woke

I watched First Take this morning - he was dodging questions the entire time lol. Dude has a future in politics.

Max was trying to make it hot with his questions though. If yall get a chance to watch the replay, definitely do.

Fuck Max, he is a cuck libtard

That’s the entire roster of ESPN right now though.

10/17 I can not wait to see Lebron bust his ass!

And LMAO @ Durant making fake accounts on twitter to defend himself fucking stupid bitch.

You have less than a year before LeBron leaves and Cleveland crumbles. Instead of worrying about busting Kyrie’s ass (pause) you should be planning funeral arrangements for yourself.

You mean goes to LA and dominates for the next decade. I dont care about Cleaveland. Only Lebron.

Cute… He’s already working on his option selects.