The 209 thread ver. 1.5


another attempt at a 209 thread. lets keep this one fighting game specific only. if you got something off topic to talk about then take it to aim, pm, facebook whatever.


Yeee 209 whats good! Mike you starting the empresso casuals back up? Think we could get a MvC2 station? I got a setup(ps3) cool lil 23" vizo, and a couple of joysticks (T.E. And a moss) I will be accepting any money match up to $20. You name it you got it.:cool: Would be cool to send out MvC2 on some good hype. I wanna see some epic MMs!

Blackheart vs Snake! This has to go Dwn! I got $20 on blackheart get @ me!
Ty vs turtlehugo Jump in the pool match? Hahaha knice lab run back!
Anybody else Dwn to play? Steven? Darrel? Mad? Unknows?

Also one other note, this Weekend is gonna be epic… Snake Vs Taco209 6 round boxing exhibition! Personal vendetta! Going Dwn this weekend… These guys are out for blood and this should really be very interesting! Side bets anyone? If you wanna come to the event just speak up! BBQ liqour and a good fight(s)!


if you got a setup then im down. anybody is welcome if they want to bring a setup. its just hard for me to supply everything since i dont have a car and yes the age ol blkhrt vs snake battle is always fun to watch. lets see if it goes down… and blkhrt we still got that money match going for 150$ lets see if you know how to beat my bison.


YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.
Taco vs Snake 6 round boxing match this weekend!
“Personal Vendetta” I know these guys personally and let me tell you this, they may game together and smoke a blunt together from time 2 time! But they have a really bitter rivalry and they can not stand losing to the other! Halo reach,puzzle fighter,mw2,Mario cart 64,… Even fucking Star wars episode 1 pod racer!!! Now they about to square off in the boxing ring!



Well, I was talking to the wife about this stuff a few days ago and she said she really wouldnt mind, in fact she would like it, if I went to some of the sessions you host Mike. So maybe sometime soon I can come out. I should be getting my settlement money soon so I will have an extra tv around that I would be able to bring. Im not too comfortable totting around my xbox but I wouldnt mind bringing my ps2 for some CvS2. Only problem, I dont have any ps2 sticks. I can make a couple but I need another ps1 pad to hack. Anyone have one they want to donate?


If you want to donate a cheap tv(CRT) to the coffee shop I can donate my black mass arcade stick for dc and ps2 to you or whoever is interested.


yo can someone swoop me for the lodi tourney on sunday?

and mike are you going to lodi orrr???


Yo, I respect the resurrection of the 209, keep this shit legit. Me and the squad gonna remain active out here ya dig. If niggaz fuckin wit that MvC3 HARDCORE then get at me, crack sessions every weekend until dawn u feel me? Im tryna be THAT d00d to take out, quote me on that bruh, i’m trainin tell I fall out. I’m still gonna train in SSF4 a bit just to stay up, but im gonna main MvC3.

Anyone who wants the 209 to get respect and become a threat is welcomed. If you a casual player, stay home. Valle disrespected the shit out of cencal by making a tourney IN cencal and making it norcal/socal. VERY few spots cen players got, and most of the spots were reserved for norcal/socal. When players refer to cali, its either norcal or socal, i swear that shits about to change.

Ya’ll Modesto MDOME niggaz, GET AT ME!


So what’s going on at the Modesto Boomers now? I haven’t been there since they used the token system. I may go back if the comp is good. I haven’t felt like going, though. The hype’s just died down in the last few years.


well everybody im having a session at the empresso coffee house aka java. come down and support the community!




He didnt disrespect anyone and he actually did reserve spots for central california, he gave 1/3 of the spots to fresno guys. “Cencal” is the middle part of california (bakersfield, fresno, and maybe merced i guess) not “central valley” but the correct term for that area is MidCal, in contrast to Norcal and Socal.


After cvs2 died, boomers died, tekken was hot there for a while but didnt last long. I think there best game is like ddr supernova or some shit lol.


What about Funworks? Is that any better?


Casuals at the empresso. Drop by if want to test yourself.


Sorry I didnt make it out there this weekend. I had a lot of shit to do around the house and a lot of research to do on building a pc. Anyhow, I’ll try to make it out there next weekend if nothing comes up.


yeah valle didnt diss any1 lols you prob jus saw the thread too late

i coulda signed up but i didnt cause i havent been playin much sf4 anyways

but yeah just made a new xbl gt yall should add me if you wanna play ssf4 or hdr

gt- Mr Moe 209


Well thanks to the group that came over to game even though they couldn’t play long. It’s still going really slow but all well. I’ll post up in here if I’ll be hosting next week.


you still doin’ that? i’m kinda down.,.


hey whats up everybody,java is a little out of my ways since im near the winco area, any of you guys play online? i need to practice so i can try to join a tournament i play on both consoles SSF4, MVC2 and i recently started playing Arcana Heart 3. Add or message me if you guys want some matches