The 209 thread ver. 1.5

What is thissssss?

Wat up moe …wer are u located? Tournaments gonna be on hold till after the holidays i wanna level up 1st

holidays i think is what slowed it down its all good. january is a good start of some more sessions and tourneys

oh yea check this little ad i made ha

merry x-factor everyone!!

merry x-mas everybody… now try to find a place to play each other on the reg;-p

Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays or Happy (Whatever You Celebrate).

i finaly got a te stick :smiley: but came with a crack on it so gotta return it and get a new one once i get it back im gonna start training 2012 here i come!
HAPPY HOLIDAYS to everyone

march is regionals in SF you guys ready?

No way, man. I still have to find a team in Marvel. Been playing a lot of SF4 though. E. Honda, represent!

So i was planning on playing dota 2 all day but my modem died so i have to wait until sunday to fix the problem :confused: in that case ill be having an SF session starting now until later tonight. I have SSF4ae, 3s, ST, kof 98/2002 (i dont play those two though) and room for 2 setups. Just hit me up 209 241 0443.

haha i know how you feel it takes time to find a team you are comfortable with.

we want to know what you guys think about throwing a tournament at Buffalo Wild Wings next to the mall in Modesto!!?? WINGS, BEER “for those that are of the legal drinking age” and FIGHTING GAMES!!! no set date yet but we have been talking the past few days about this and were wondering what you guys think about doing this? we will possibly be using the outside area for the tournamnet. our only concern for this is glare on the tvs from the sun or what the weather may be like that day. the actual location of the building for the tournament is still being determined. no matter what area the tournamnet is going to be at, buffalo wild wings will have tvs set up throughout the place streaming the event. there will be NO VENUE FEE all money put into this event will go to the winners. give us feed back on what you think about this event. good ideas, bad ideas and what we could add or subtract to make this event a great experience.

Yo, me and the Manteca crew is in there fo sho.

I’d be down for this, the wings are pretty good too. Make sure its a xbox 360 setup though… don’t think anyone really wants to play with ps3’s… if i can get a ride I can bring a setup for SSFIVAE


tually all out tournaments been on ps3


Sadly :stuck_out_tongue:

any1 going out to the tap ex tourney in elk grove this fri?

hit me up ima have gas money if any1 is trying to go
510 921 6985

wish i could go what about hadocon?