The 209 thread ver. 1.5

damn ps3… i can’t play on ps3… fuck oh well.

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yo ag my bro needs that mw3 back asap

call me at 510 921 6985 plz

Currently trying to reach out to all peoples from all the way to Stockton or even Sacramento to Merced. I want to get people together and have events like RanBats mainly for KOFXIII for all who want to learn but also other games people might be interested such as SF4, UMVC3, or anything else. I got a place that we can play at potentially in Manteca, but if not we could probably have something at Modesto Junior College or something at Krier’s Cards and Comics or The Gamer’s Network in Modesto. Pretty much this is a grass roots kind of thing that will focus mostly on people getting more experience by laying other people and learning new games to play, so please if you are interested post here or drop me a PM because I really want to see who we have left in the Central Valley post CVS2.

tournament next saturday guys plz come out!

and sup walkman my fav venue is kriers cards and comics cause they only want a 2 dollar venue fee sometimes $1 dollar
so plz contact them other places like gamers network charge way too high of venue fee also fuck throwing a tournament in manteca lmao i live here and yeah its just too small of a town u need modesto or stockton

I mean I hear talk there is a lot of People in Manteca, and the location I’m thinking of is my aunt and uncle’s house near Ripon which is right off 99 and close to a lot of stuff and really easy to get too, plus it’s a bit more centralized for the Area. We just need to get some guys and level up our play so we can compete with other regions/ranbats.

gamers network is willing to do $1 or $2 venue fee depending on how many sign ups there are. we talked it over at the last tourney we had there. if i would have known what he told me during the last one… haha… we will see whats up with the stockton tourney who is putting it together? the last brawl tourney i went to that had marvel in tracy was no good we waisted our time all together paid a venue fee and they canceled the marvel tourney and wouldnt refund venue fee just saying be careful of brawl/melee tourneys in tracy

hey moe my bad nigga shit came up and my car was out of service for a few days. I can get you your game back just hit me up i completely forgot about that.

Well rather than a tournament I was thinking of having mini tournaments that happen maybe like 2 times a month. I mainly want to get KOF together but other games are welcome with interest, and if you guys don’t know KOF we can just have a day of casuals and some clinics of how to get better for all those interested.

Im interested, I live in manteca, and I can also host but my apartment isn’t that big. I’d love to get some ranbats going though!!

Alright so that’s one more on board. Going to keep it up for the interest.

ill try to make it to whatever your trying to run. the community is soo separated its like theres no scene at all in stockton. maybe ill try to bring back java too if people are willing to support that. we just need someone to donate a crt so we have a tv over there no matter what that doesnt lag.

Sup guys I’ve been procrastinating on making KOF tutorial videos and my sleep schedules a mess. Walkman is a friend of mine and I’ll support him with his ability of trying to get things together. But yeah, I feel that perhaps Manteca is the most centralized bet to have everyone gather. I kinda recently took 3rd as well at Ramnation for KOF XIII. I dropped the soap hard (dropped HD combos, got wrecked by HD combos), but I won the moral victory by sending Coopa to losers. So hopefully, inevitably we could get some sessions down and I’d be willing to teach KOF. If we pull it off correctly, we (the Central Valley) could potentially even top Socal as so long as we keep playing and learning KOF.

On a different note, I was able to play Starskilled the other week and he was doing pretty okay. He had a lot to learn though and it was the week before EX Kyo came out so I think my rushdown would have broke his team down harder if I had him then. I really think we have what it takes to kill the Bay and Socal and the rest of the states.

Not sure what Java means but yeah the more people you can get the merrier. I really want to set this up even if we start like like 5 to 6 guys. Any experience is a good experience. On the note of a CRT I don’t have one personally, but at the location I have in mind I think there are one or two.

Java is really the Empresso Coffee House on the Miracle Mile in Stockton. It went pretty good for a bit. I think people didnt like playing on the tv but then again nobody brought anything to the gatherings except for like two people on three occasions. Having at least three set ups and heres the big part… having RELIABLE people to count on to bring a set up or two. Having said that im pretty sure you got at least a few set ups guaranteed.

Yeah I have my PS3 Set up, and probably my brothers 360 set up, but we only have SSF4AE2012 and KOFXIII, so we don’t own marvel. AZt the same time Laban can probably bring a PS3 set up so that’s 2 PS3 and 1 360, plus we can bring some TVs and there should be a CRT there. This it’s going to be more of a grass roots kind of deal, but I find that to be the best learning environment.

Also this isn’t directed to you but just in general the scene where we would meet up would be my aunt and uncle’s house in their three car garage so I want people to treat the area, other people, and themselves with respect. If you get violently salty or very disrespectful to the environment I won’t hesitate to kick you out and potentially never let you back. I don’t think I have to enforce this so much since we’re all adults but the second shit starts breaking, missing, or people start fighting I might say fuck it and drop everything all together.

I have a spare CRT that I don’t need anymore.

I can bring a copy of UMVC3 for the ps3 for you so yeah. And yeah just be careful not to let you valuables out in the open to start with. Prevention is the number one step for avoiding trouble. I dont know if your down with people who cuss cause i know some players that just cuss a storm without even knowing so just a heads up if your gonna let people you dont know play in your aunt and uncle’s garage.

Wow! thanks for offering. Ill have to see whats up with the owner to see if hes down to do it again. i also have a new samsung monitor that doesnt lag(same response as the evo monitors) so i can bring that if i have a ride and your crt. Well see whats up soon enough. Ill try to contact the owner again in the next couple of days.

Sup 209! Hey is anyone planning on attending the Winter Supremacy Tourney this Saturday? Cause i might go and kick some A$$! that’s if i go…

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