The 209 thread ver. 1.5

Swearing isn’t an issue, and in the Garage there really aren’t valuables other than maybe movie posters? I mean it’s not like jewelry or anything is laying around, but if peope got to go in to use the can I can’t watch over them all the time, though I’m sure family will be there so not like much can happen.

just trying to help you out man. i dont know whats in your garage so yeah your all good then.

I’m glad you show genuine concern. Thanks.

i need to learn kof! just started yesterday much better game than umvc3. 4 cvfsu players in merced for kof that i know will give some comp

That’s great! I will definitely be happy to see you guys show up when you can. Alright I think I should start planning an actual event date and time. How does around 12PM-1PM starting time on Fridays or Saturdays? This is just a quick question I still need to speak with the venue.

Sounds sick. Let’s get this started baybeeeeee

I could bring my old CRT, I’d be more than happy to help you out with Java. Actually, start it up, you have my word on me being there.

I don’t want to sound like a broken record but anyone interested in sessions to power up and eventually ranbats and tournaments let’s discuss times. Pretty much Monday through thursday I have class, which I asusme some of you are in the same boat. Friday is okay for me but it’s also Ramnation so doing it earlier on Friday would be better if people wanted to hit up multiple venues. Saturday is probably even better because some people might have class on Friday as well, and there is nothing in Norcal that happens on Saturdays except tournaments, so this day might be optimal if we get some guys and upgrade the venue to have a stream. Plus Saturdays are nice because even if people have to travel they don’t have to leave so soon since the next day isn’t Monday.

tl;dr Post available times and days for getting together to grind some skill

Well it seems I got the ok to start the Empresso sessions again so I hope that Joutai is still up for donating a crt to leave over there so everyone has a tv to game on. I can start it this Sunday but I’ll shoot for next since nobody really keeps up in this forums for many reasons lol. Hope more people chip in on supporting this place and like Walkman I one day would like to start up a stream since thats the evolution of getting your event known and what not.

I’ll bring the CRT!

How big is the tv that your bring over?

It’s kinda small but not that bad.

Well just a heads up its next Sunday NOT TOMORROW everyone.

Next Sunday is the Superbowl. Might impact the turnout.

lol you got a point there! Ill probably have it anyway just to get things started and talk with players if theres interest. Thanks for the heads up! totally did not see that coming.

i was jst playing on it got lots of learning to do , if any one got some good pointers towards my road of success i will gladly appreciate it
trying to figure out wats a gd button layout for myself on sf and umv3

what town is it going to be at sundays work well for me. good shit i p freely!!! im getting equipment to stream so i can bring it no biggie

That would be awesome if you would bring everything to stream this. Its the Empresso Coffee House in Stockton on the Miracle Mile. Im not expecting too much people to show up cause it will be the Super Bowl so if anything I just want to meet up with people that are going to help with the setups and organization.

I like hearin’ that open sessions are startin’ up in Stockton once again. Sadly, I work Sunday nights so I won’t be around for some Empresso’s. However, can I suggest throwin’ these on Mondays? I keep seein’ the same old skoolers for KOF practice on those days anyways so it’s something worth considerin.