The 209 thread ver. 1.5

I may have missed it, but what time are you starting everything this Sunday?

I don’t know whats a good time for everybody. Im thinking 5pm would be a good time until 12am like last time. Well its good to hear you got a set up for kof since I know theres a decent scene around here that are interested.

Hey I’m looking for some people to fight on KoF. So if anyone with a 360 is up for a couple of matches tell me your GT and I’ll add you. My GT is Apex004.
I was actually surprised that there was a KoF community in the 209 area. My brother used to joke and say I was the only one. Hah! Guess the joke’s on him.

im gonna try and make it out tomorrow not sure if im gonna be able to go
damn chuck e cheese took all my money lol

If you can, try and make it out tomorrow evening/night. It would be great and you’d probably play even more people in KOF if you could show up.

My health is a little better so I’m looking forward to playing you all, especially in KOF. I encourage everyone to come out and play. It’s the fastest and best way to level up. Get exposed to different play styles and tactics. Lets get this area to level up, We have a large player base, lets organize it.

So, can I just leave the CRT there? I can’t stay for long, classes in the morning so I can only stay until 9ish.

if you are bringing a 360, is it cool if i bring in UMVC3?

You can bring whatever you want.

I might be able to go. Where is the tournament being held at?

yeah its cool if you just leave it there. it will just be in the back room for anytime people want to play on Sundays mostly.

There isn’t a KoF tourney around here until the 25th.

If you’re asking for the casuals on Sundays, it’s over here, I believe.

Hm…Stockton huh? I was kind of hoping for Buffalo Wild Wings at the mall. Well I won’t be able to go to the casuals tomorrow because I’m going to a Super Bowl party with my family, but I could most likely enter the tournament. So I guess we’ll fight then. Unless you want to trade GT’s and we could fight online. That is, if you got a 360.

[LEFT]1825 Pacific Ave[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Stockton CA 95204[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Empire Theater. [/LEFT]
[LEFT]Just incase people don’t know where it is. [/LEFT]

Ugh, looks like I have to invest in a PS2 to 360 converter. I’ll try to use my next STA earning to go towards that haha. Won’t get my converter in time though. Maybe I’ll ask for my stick back from Walkman so I could get some practice on.

For people coming please remember to bring sticks and consoles.

yeah if someone would bring a ps3 stick would be great. im going to bring my own and a console with a regular controller just in case things get barren.

idk if i can bring a monitor also since i dont have the car right now but i can bring my stick and a console with a controller like i said earlier but any more than that i cant fit in my bag lol.

GGs, sucks that the Xbox RRoD lol.

GG’s everybody who showed up. It was really fun for it being on the super bowl. Thanks again Joutai for donating the crt to the coffee shop. I look forward to next week and maybe we can start leveling up as a whole now.