The 209 thread ver. 1.5

I’m heading up to STA on the 19th for the ranbat. Anyone else interested in carpooling or whatever? I’m just planning to head to Dublin/Pleasanton and taking the BART to Powell St. and walking the rest of the way. It’s like 11.10$ round trip on BART and 10$ entry for the tourney. Most of Norcal is trying to get rounded up and 4-6 Socal players are going to come up. Or if not carpool, just letting you guys get the notice that we’re trying to get as many entrants as possible. So please head up if you could.

laban id go if i have money to spend that day just to kick it in frisco for the day sounds fun

also aye guys does any1 commute to the bay on thursdays? im tryna get dropped off in dublin bart so i can attend tnt regularly and level up then work on friday with my uncle in the bay i have gas money of course someone get at me! steven do u work in frisco on thursdays?

Not at the moment.
If people are looking for high level marvel play and looking to pick up tips and tricks please swing by Sunday. The men who play that game are INSANE.
We had a nice little session on KOF, it was fun talking strategy and figuring out characters. It’s looking like more and more we have solid players in that game.
Sunday was a small crowd but it was fun. Had a few kinks at the start but it all worked out. Going strong again next Sunday, people please show up, these things are only going to get better if more heads show up and play their hardest.
Whoever’s coming Next Sunday post up, so we all have time for a head count and a heads up. Eventually when we can get these sessions bigger again, we can start streaming our own footage and commentary 209 style. ( a lot of shit talking) =)
I will be calling people ahead of time so they know, as well as spamming facebook, and SRK.

I’ll make it this Sunday again, for sure!

ill try and make it this sunday i needa place to play marvel consistently, tnt venue fees are too high lol
you guys should just turn the sunday sessions into weeklies that would be sick
but im hoping someone can pick me up on there way to stockton im in manteca right by the yosemite exit by the in n out

also for you marvel players plz come to the tourney this sat at gamers etc my friend is throwing it
we need an extra crt if any1 can bring 1 that would be cool ill try and get an sf4ae tourney going too
casuals will start at noon but tourney might not be untill a couple hrs after

dont worry buffalo wild wings is still going down just waiting for the manager to call me back then we will set up a date

some tourney coming up this month and next month in modesto, stockton, elk grove and frisco im down to go to all of them

@cvfsu pick me up! im on the way to all of those lol

and sup guys plz support this tourney if ur in town on sat and aint doin shit 5 dollar entry 3 dollar venue
i may have ssf4 if theres enough time

Man, other events make it seem difficult to find a good day to hold things, since Saturdays and Sundays seem to have events. Anyone can do anything on Fridays?

who plays scv need some practice and different match ups. punishere i figured out why you beat me so much and its not going to happen anymore lmao

Come over on Sundays I can bring the game on ps3. On another note it would be nice if somebody can bring an extra monitor/crt to the sessions so we can have a total of at least 3 set ups so nobody isnt really left out on which game they want to play.

i li

ve too far to bring a tv. im actually busy this sunday

I really just meant anyone with a tv really but that’s ok. Well anyway I’ll have scv if your not busy any other Sunday and your down to come all the way over here. On another note who wants to play what this Sunday? so people will have an idea what people want to play on Sunday lol.

I wanted to get some games of SSF4AE in and Mvc3. I have a friend who is looking to get into ssf4ae, and so am I. Been studying, wanna put it to the test.

I may not be able to make it this Sunday, we’ll see though.


i could try to bring a an extra tv…it like an 50/50 with me but not a ps3 or 360…

if you bring tv that would be awesome. It just gives everyone more options on which game they want play. Once we get a consistent player base we can start hosting weeklies but right now I’m just focused on having at least three set ups. So far we have one tv no matter what so two more to go.

all right then i will try my best to bring my TV for this week…i will be there at 6 or 7…

Seems like I won’t be able to make it today, hopefully next week.