The 209 thread ver. 1.5

Aw that sucks I wanted to get some games in on kof. Hopefully next… on another note the session starts at the same time 5-6pm and ends near closing somewhere before 12am.

I’ll be there around 5, Snake, Ty, where you all at? Teach me Mvc3!

Since the following week’s a 4 day weekend for me, I should be able to stay towards the end for that session.

ill be there in a bit but impact cant make he test bound…

Are you guys going to make it out to Southtown Arcade on Sunday for KOF since some Socal players like Reynald, Romance, Duc, and 4leaf are coming out? This is going to be a big session to make it out to since there will probably be a lot of competition and a good chance to level up.

Not to mention if you have school you don’t have to worry since it’s a long weekend.

In other news Modesto Junior College is having a UMVC3 Tournament at The Gamers Network on February 24th. Sign up is $10 and it’s double elim, but I’m not sure about the pay out since it says 1 in 4 will win so… yeah. Something to look into.

anyone in the 209 play that league of legends? I’m going to start streaming again soon if anyone is interested.

I used to play lots more League of LEgends. I mostly play DOTA2 kind of casually, but I really enjoy both of them a lot.

Still a weekly this coming Sunday? I’m gonna try to make it out, I’ve really been letting my game slip because I haven’t had any offline matches for a month or two (and I’ve barely touched SSF4 since the 2012 update came out!) . So long as I have gas and time, I can bring an LCD (5ms response time if it matters), a 360, a SE stick, and both SSF4AE and UMVC3 if it will help out.

Yeah we still do it and it’s getting good turn outs so far. Brings set up is always encouraged so your all clear. I’m down for sf4 and there’s always a good turnout for umvc3

Did I leave my Xbox power cord the week I was there?

Yes for some reason you all just left it with me when I asked about the red ringed xbox. I should have it somewhere in my room.

I must’ve forgot about it then since I did take the RRoD’d Xbox but forgot the power cord. Could you bring it Sunday?

I sure can. =)

well everybody its that time again. ill be at empresso at 5pm if anybody wants to get things started early.

Ggs to everyone Last Sunday night. It was great seeing new faces and old. Learned a lot of new things on SSF4AE as well.
The funniest money match I have ever seen, 7 bucks and 3 Cinnabon coupons were on the line, both played well.
Hope to see you all and some for next Sundays sessions, we are growing, so I think next Sunday I will get there earlier than everyone, say around 3-4 and set up so we have more space to move around.

Okay guys! I made a thread detailing my little local event in the 209 Area! It’ll be held in Manteca with ease of access as it’s just an exit off of 99 at Austin Road!

All are welcome to come, we currently only have AE2012 and KOF for both PS3 (Two setups) and 360 (One setup). Check it out and I hope you can show up and make this a regular thing! this might conflict with some events currently but we are going to try to make this a regular thing so even if you miss the first one please come out to others!

who is going to the stockton tourney sat?

Ggs to everybody that made it to my weeklies. I want to do a ranbat for umvc3 this week cause that usually gets a steady stream of comp. I’ll consider any other game depending on the turnout. So everybody please post up so I know how many set ups to make accommodations for. The more people respond about there experience at the session the easier it is for new comers to take the risk of driving to here for comp in there particular game. Btw shout outs to all the players that came out and brought a set up. The community can’t grow without your contributions.

dam i look cool on stream!!!

everybody love Black Heart

Downtown Beatdown Tournament - Ultimate Marvel 3