The 21+ Sakura Players Club Hang-Out Zone

Hey Sakura players. I make this thread to have hang-out zone for Sakura users that arn’t babbies.

This is where we can embrace our neckbeards or in the case that you’re an XX, vaginabeards. while we speak eloquently of Sakura. too many Sakura players are flowcharters. If she had fire she would be ragged on as much as Ken. Under 21 Sakura players break the flow.

there’s… a sakura flowchart?

did your op jump in on you?
yes: cr. hp
no: turtle until they jump in

did cr. hp connect?
yes: ex shun
no: turtle

that’s pretty much it. iyam. also show your ID plz.

But EX tatsu won’t connect on an AA cr.HP… >.>


EDIT: Does my fake ID work in here?

fake IDs are fine so long as you bring a six pack here. no booze no entry.

looks like you’re not a flowchart saks.


I suppose it would if they couldn’t stop their retarded hands from mashing buttons. And it just so happened that they hit the only normal in their arsenal that wouldn’t stuff her shunpu.

The general discussion thread wasn’t good enough to hang out in?

AnimeNeko makes better threads.

whats going on here

this is the hang-zone for 21+++ sakura fighters.

you guys got ID?

does sakura have BF?

i think i make nice BF applicant. i have excellent puzzle also i have collect hats and dolls.

lol this thread isnt gonna work. i can guarantee some little kid gonna jump in here.

Shit man, the sakura forum is going to fucking hell. Might as well just keep the stickies open and lock everything else.It’s the only thing that’s actually getting info coming in. We really don’t need threads like this. Fo serious.

I think everyone is just waiting for SSF4 these days.

This thread is fucking horrible.

don’t step on the troll bait, kids.


how party start.

generalvivi in house.


This is the only forum on SRK that i actually feel more knowledgeable about my character than 99% of the people that post on it…

sorry i am not as smart as your Mister Professor Einstein Q. Science.

This thread is bad and you should feel bad for making it.