The 2nd Character Thread

I’ve never really made a thread, so I thought I’d maybe start a thread where people can gain insight on picking alternate characters. This is all based on who they are originally using, and of course I hope for some input on other characters as my knowledge is limited. (Hopefully this is a useful topic, I really couldn’t think of anything else to discuss!).

Cammy - Ryu

Cammy’s worst matchups include the turtles, and these range from Honda, Guile, Dee-Jay (though much less), Chun-Li, Ryu, Ken, and Sagat. Ryu is Honda’s worst match by default, and he’s also able to best Guile in a fireball war. He is also Dee-Jay’s worst matchup, and he can hold his own against Chun-Li and Sagat. Zangief is a problem for Cammy based strictly on stats and too many exchanging hits, but Ryu has the perfect tools to zone 'Gief. You still have a problem facing Vega and Blanka, but superior timing and reflexes on the Front Kick with Cammy can beat them. I’m uncertain what the matchups are against Blanka and Vega, but I have serious problems with Blanka’s jumping and Vega’s walldives. Its strictly my lack of having faster reflexes, so that’s something I’m working on. Same with Dictator - I know how to play that matchup but my fear of the fast headstomp makes me play defense too much.

i dont have a solid second yet but i can tell you i will be choosing from the top tier. either vega, balrog or dhalsim. they have soo much going for them. i think Ryu takes alot of skill to get good at. they say he is the most well rounded character, and i would say thats true in the sense that you have to be proficient at every aspect of the game to master him. other characters require you to be proficients at some aspects, but maybe not a master at others. for instance, punishing whiffs with vega, sim and rog is just a button press away. not so much for shotos. the long reach of these characters makes baiting and punishing SOOO much easier.

T.Hawk - Bison, and have a good day.

All characters in ST have to watch their distances and be mindful of spacing. That said, footsies is just so damn enjoyable in shoto vs shoto matches, at the highest levels its like an art. Baiting a poke, fast reaction punish, precision timing and spacing etc.

But yeah, it’s always good to have a backup character who happens to be top tier :lovin:


I’m just going for pure power. Rog’s hardest matches are Honda and Dhalsim, and Sagat has a much easier time with these two. I also tend to have quite a bit of trouble with Chun-li, so Sagat is a natural choice.

Just go with 'Rog, all his matchups are still 5-5 or better. Daigo once said that he dislikes using Rog because he’s “overpowered” (quote from Kuni from way back, IIRC; see also the [media=youtube]Q_E3n0hZZug"[/media]).

Sagat does NOT have an easier time against Dhalsim than Rog does, you have it the wrong way around. Honda vs Rog is even as well.

Added recovery on Jab headbutt completely all of these matches. The entire dynamic of that Choi vs. Daigo match is impossible in HD Remix.

I actually started using Vega as my backup just because of his emphasis on normals.

Same opinion, reverse character order.

Dee Jay - Sagat

Dee Jay and Gief.

i do think their styles compliment each other very well. there is only one or two match ups where i dont feel pretty good with one of my guys. plus they play so different it helps keep the game fun

 i might be a little better with Gief but he just has so many tough matches that i think i win more with DJ. and  i really want to pick up a third character too, i just cant figure out who yet.  im down to Rog, Sim or Dict. the first two im ok with. Dict,  ive never really played.

Vega-Chun li

With me my biggest problem matches maining Vega are bison honda blanka and chun helps A TON in those matches with simples things like fireball zoning, j.short, and lightning legs stuffing everything in sight.

Guile and Dee Jay (no particular order)

Guile bad matches are Blanka (loses 7-3) Claw (loses 6-4) and Dhalsim (loses 6-4)

Deejay beats blanka 7-3 and is about even with claw. Unfortuenatly he’s also about 6-4 with Dhalsim.

Dee Jay’s bad matches are Ryu and Sagat, both of which Guile is about even with. Additonaly, the two characters are so similar there isn’t a drastic learning curve.

Brown Blanka for everyday business


Grey Blanka when I need to go Komoda on some fools

Chun-Li and Cammy cuz girls are teasers and deceivers. Wait, maybe I should pick Vega instead.

I’ve got Vega as my main, and I can’t make up my mind on a second. Who else is on the roster that has similar Vega traits and wouldn’t require too much relearning??


That is all…