The 2nd KOFXII Thread (debuting at AM Show in September)


just found this :


fake ? real ? scrapped ? DLC ?


Doesnt seem to say much. You cant even see k` in any of the caps lol.


You can see Yamazaki there. I’m thinking its fake


Plus its really just a picture of K’, its not like its in-game.



I have that issue of Arcadia. K’ and Yama aren’t there. Someone simply pasted them over the scan.


How well did KOF XII sell on consoles? I’ve got a bet going that SNKP broke even with it. I remember reading that it sold around 40,000 copies in Japan on 360 and PS3 in the first week.





Try less than half that number, bud.




so whatever happened to K’ and Mai again


Nothing happened to/with K’ and Mai.


They were never confirmed in the first place, some idiots thought that some random image with their character portraits on an unrelated website was the utter truth to the universe.

I do believe I won an argument with someone a while back in this thread about something similar before the game came out…


Somebody has downloaded the classic pack music from this game?

Apparently, this pack contains 10 tracksclassic BGM of the saga, and I want to know the tracklist


Taken from a post on

"I bought the classic music pack yesterday. It costed 160 MS points and it included some great classic KoF tracks. The pack has 10 tracks (one for each of the game’s six stages and the rest for character select screen, loading screen etc.) and it’s named “another” in the music option menu.

I’m not an expert on Neo Geo music, so correct me if I’m wrong. Here are the tracks that I’ve been able to recognize :

  • The character select screen music is from KoF '95
  • Esaka (Dome day)
  • Billy Kane’s theme (Russia, very similar to his original '98 theme)
  • Ikari team’s theme (France, probably '96 version)
  • Rugal’s theme (Dome night, similar to his '98 theme, this makes me wish he would have been in the game)"

i don’t know if that helps


so i was considering to buy the music packs for kof xii, and yeah i know that im being robbed buying all of them since they are the over priced ($17 for the 4 packs), but before buying them i want to know how do they sound, are they at least descent?


The Rock pack is pretty cool and the classic pack is awesome too, but I don’t know about the other 2 though.


i see, thanx for the reply :tup:


Man I’ve been getting the urge to play some more 12 lately.


I still haven’t played KOF XII yet. I think I need to get it.