The 3 Biggest Costume Mistakes in SFIV and How They Ruin The Game


Games get rushed and decisions are made. That’s life. As if. Since Street Fighter II, Capcom’s made amazing games with a character for every player. Until Street Fighter IV. When making SFIV it seems Capcom had a lot more ideas than usual. The series has always designed it’s characters around a country or a fighting style with a little touch of strange to make it iconic. It’s a system that has proven to make some timeless characters. And when Capcom deviates away from it … well, let’s just say - mistakes have been made.

Luckily, with the alternative costumes in SFIV, Capcom’s been able to silently fix some of those rushed and early mistakes. With time, we may forgive and come to remember the new costumes (killer bee / pants) in place of the originals. Or so we can all hope. Without further ado …

**3. Seth **

*Yum. Blueberry. *

He’s Bison’s project right? So when you build the perfect fighter do you use easy, stab-able flesh? Or impossible-to-bend steel? Flesh of course! Blue, glow-in-the-dark style!

Not only is Seth’s first default the wrong costume for the job, but the the whole plot of SFIV only makes sense if Seth is a crude, destructive robot. For one thing, SF has a long history of fighting robots, so for the story to revolt around beating a new robot would have been a nice tie-in to the old movie. But noooo, we get Japanese weirdness. While his primary lends itself to a more Japanese sensibility (which is to say … ?) it also makes NO sense. What is he made of? Why is he blue? Why does he have a Yin-Yang ball in his tummy? Why build a super-being just to fight? Does he have a super power? If he’s a perfect being (I’m assuming) why would you build him if he’s obviously going to revolt? How many super beings do you know that DON’T kill their creators? It’s like Bison never read Watchmen.


So What Should It Have Been?

I love you Bison

The Robot alt! It’s such a beautiful detailed alt (that apparently doesn’t come up with a lot of search results). It’s amazing it wasn’t the first thing out of their mouth during the design phase.

Board Member One: Final Boss all powerful!
Board Member Two: How do we show power?!
Board Member Three: Gundam!

To make matters worse, Seth in his default form is almost exactly like SFIV’s predecessor’s final boss, Gill. Which isn’t so bad when you compare the fact that he is a COMPLETE rip-off of the final boss from World Heroes. Like exactly.

We had a karate guy first! And for that, we can take whatever we want from SNK!

With his default, Seth just exposes the developers lack of care for story and copyright. And put’s Bison’s stupidity as the center theme of the whole storyline. It also confuses the player with a lot of questions that are easily answered if he just builds a damn murder bot instead.

Even this man was disappoint.

**2. Rufus **

W. T. H!!!

Rufus is meant to represent the fun, light-hearted American spirit. A braggard who rides a harley and loves his (blonde?) girlfriend. Sooo … how many American’s do you know ride their motorcycles across the country wearing a yellow, full body leather jumpsuit? It doesn’t even make sense to the characters own sensibilities. As a biker he might as well be wearing a fur coat and a parka as he couldn’t possibly be any hotter or more out of context for his demographic. Plus, Americans just love to be reminded of how fat we are.

Better have butter, son.

In an effort to make sense of what is so blatantly a mistake, a rumor started going around a few years ago that Rufus’s costume is meant to be a mock-up of Bruce Lee’s yellow jump-suit get up (you know, from that one movie). But when did Bruce Lee cut off the sleeves and pull the zipper down to his bellybutton? Plus, there’s the (even older) rumor that Rufus was originally planned to be the karate clown Seth was teasing back in early 08’. Or that for a while he was a skinny, handsome Urien-looking guy named King Cobra in early development. It’s right around now you should realize Capcom had NO IDEA what to do with the character and eventually was forced to just pick something already because the game was pushing it’s release date.

According to Wikipedia, “Though some criticism has been made over the character’s design and aesthetic, the majority have praised the character as exceeding expectations based solely on his appearance.” Meaning Rufus is great in every way except looking at him. In fact read his’reception’ section to see what “complimenting through your teeth” looks like in print. This means Rufus wasn’t just badly designed, but if he was the first thing of SFIV you saw, you were that less-likely to pick up the game. And that’s not all, all those revisions means you can single handidly blame him for delays in other aspects of the development as well.

That’s right, thanks to Rufus we had a 700+Ultra set-up.

So What Should It Have Been?

So, now that Rufus has effectively wasted everyone’s time and taken three times as much time as planned. The staff (In what can only be called a “vengeance pick”) agreed on the ugliest one from the bunch just so it would stand out among the four new characters. Most likely as “the ugly one”, because why not? Every game needs the character so ugly no one wants to play it on first sight. Thankfully, two years later Capcom was able to rectify their mistake and say “our bad, he’s a biker.” All the horrible design of the character (ok, the hair) is subsided by a classical approach that, while lightening the negatives (HAIR!), also let’s the more ample (he’s fat! And has a moustache!) parts of the character remain intact. And all was forgiven.

Wait … are those hearts?

**1. Juri **


(top) The brightside. (top) Big hand.

Hot? Or hottest? The world may never know. Still, as hot as Juri is her costume is … crazy. It makes no sense and even worse it makes her make no sense. Both her and viper are supposed to be Bison’s present assassins. And while Viper looks hot and professional, Juri couldn’t even fit in even in the most otaku of SF- fans.

Capcom to staff: Quick! Design a character around that hair!

Instead Juri seems to fall into the mid 90’s Cammy-style of Bison henchman or what is now known as the “Project Runway” method of costuming, meaning whatever makes your ass look good, looks good next to Bison.

Gadaffi - proving S.F. is nothing if not realistic

But there’s also a darkside to Juri’s costume, and her character. Juri is the first Korean in S.F. history, a series whose biggest hit came with the moniker “The World Warriors” yet excluded one of Japan’s closest neighbors? Hmm. What’s that you say? Left out for 20 years? Curious. To accurately articulate the decades-running conflict in a sentence or less: Japan and Korea hate each other because Japan wanted Korea’s land and Korea fought back and said “fuck that” (That’s the whole story). So when it came time to make a new character and appease the millions of S.F. playing Korean fans, Capcom decided to thank their fans by making her a crazy, homicidal, evil (granted, sexy) drag queen. Because that’s what all Koreans are anyway, right?

Just the lucky ones

So What Should It Have Been?

You know you don’t have a popular opinion when the only picture you can find of Juri not in lingerie looks this blurry. And is next to that.

[LEFT]ALT3. Let’s set aside blatant racism for a minute (places racism on the side of the couch). If they needed a canon evil character, why not give her her alt3 with the heels as it, ya know, makes sense. She can walk around in the day light without being horribly out of place everywhere in the world. It’s got that Cap-twist with the hair and mid-riff belt. And it’s sexy, which was probably the only caveat during the main design portion for Juri.[/LEFT]

If they coulda’, they woulda’

And it would have really shown how far the series has come (ignore the above graphic) that it can finally have a woman in regular lady pants as part of their normal costume. And if you want to get all “Business” on it, those tight jeans fits in with both the 80’s origination of the series and the hipster culture popular now. That’s double the demographic! Doing so would have made Juri timely and nostalgic. Oh, and not an obvious attempt to slip an insult by on an entire culture. Those Koreans! They don’t know what people wear! That as well. Plus it shows off her feet, which … some people like. A lot. My God.

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lol well thought out. I can’t help but agree on Seth.


I do agree, to a degree, but arn’t Fei Long & Gen. Korean? Aside from that 2 things stop me from caring enough.

1: SF’s storyline sucks

2: I really don’t like robots


china and korea are different places right?

anyway, good read again sir. i hate seths character design by the way. if they could remove his grounded stretchy arms and replace it with something less dhalsim, and put him in the robo alt, i’d be happy


I’d list Blankas alt 3 as the worst costume. Should’ve never bought that thing…


Charlie Murphy: You take this game to seriously, I am fine with the looks of all the characters, im sure many others are.


Is it so much to ask for Seth in a suit?

C’mon, Capcom. You can take away whatever the fuck you want if you give him the suit.


thats the one thats distracting to look at isnt it. try knocking him out of a blanka ball wearing that shit


The truth is, after seeing all the ridiculous designs, I just want to see something the characters wear when they go about their daily lives, something like Ibuki’s.


I don’t like how Juri’s shoes are all bendy in her ALT3. It is like she is wearing high heel ballerina slippers.


Don’t some of the alts have that quality/design already?


personally, i think that SFIII’s Oro, Twelve and Necro do not look that right


Seth looks that way because in the storyline he’s a prototype of Gill. So basically story wise it makes sense in that he’s a shittier looking, less powerful Gill. LOL.


That Rufus thing is so true, my first thoughts on seeing him were wtf.


I personally think they screwed up all of Juri’s costumes, the original, while, well original, is completely impractical. The second just looks like kung fu pajamas or something and the third makes her feet look HUMONGOUS.


Fei Long and Gen are both Chinese.


I didn’t expect a whole lot when entering this thread but I’m glad I did. Thanks for the read, man. :tup:


True on the impracticality of her original costume, though seeing her for my first time i actually liked it and thought it was sexy… am i the only one. q`q lol


Who cares about those costumes? Not like they affect how the game is played anyway.

The only costume issues are the bugged alts that have hitbox issues.


Yep, it is his carnival costume. That thing + Las Vegas stage makes me a sad panda :<