The 3 things I think need to happen to make this game more popular and better

I enjoy this game how it is, but I can also see why it didn’t do so well. People dismissing it as a smash clone, complicated play style, ect. I see so much potential in this game I can’t help but think what should be done to improve it so it doesn’t disappear into the void. The online tournaments, and a good community from what I can see is a good start, but there are things Sony or Santa Monica studio need to do. 3 very important and vital things in my book.

First: Add a Health bar. Now, before everyone just attacks me just hear me out. Right now, the only way to get kills is to build super and then hit with the super. In theory, that works. In smash bros it’s a similar idea. Hit the foe to build their percent, then knock them off the stage. So why do people complain about SOny’s system and not smashes? Well, for one, any attack can be used to kill, if you got the foes % high enough, and people felt that getting hit was very dangerous. Yes, getting hit is also bad in Allstars, since you gain no meter and the foe does, allowing them to get their supers off. However, just not getting meter doesn’t have the same feeling of getting in trouble as it does in Smashes where your percent goes up. You feel every hit and since you can see the effects clearly, and every hit has more weight to it.

Why I think adding a health bar would be very benifical for the game is simple: The players will feel that getting hit is bad more. As I stated, one complaint I have and what I hear a lot for people is that getting hit doesn’t seem as bad, and while it is bad, that feeling is very important. A health bar will right away give the person more dread as they are getting hit, feeling every punch and knowing it’s bad. The Health bar will also add another way to get kills and points, as losing your health will kill you, and then you respawn back shortly like normal. Now people have more options for getting points and kills, and I think this will allow people to work with more of what the character has to offer, and make the fighting experience more fleshed out.

You will still gain super just as much as before, and supers still instantly kill others, but now there is more of an added depth: Do you use the super on a low health foe so you can get the point, or do you risk someone else getting the point, and then killing the guy when he has full health? Higher level Supers can also cost more points then normal kills too if you want, making the game even more strategic on if you should try to land the super or just go for a normal kill. Thus, the game is deeper, everyone gets more on edge with low health, and the game feels more intense.

Now, only a players attacks will cause health damage. Items and Stages will only cause super damage. This way you eliminate the stages effecting the game play and skill, which is a complaint of the smash series. Stages and items can never kill, just slightly hinder you. It still comes down to the players skill to get the kills.

It is a change to the system, but I think it won’t break the core idea of the game. It mainly expands on it, and adds more weight to the game. Fighting games have a health meter for a reason. How would killing people in Street fighter be if all you can do is kill them with supers? You lose the intensity of come backs, last second reversals, and the hype of the next attack will win the game. Every good fighting game has this, and this game needs it if you want it to be a huge success.

Gah, I had this all in one post, but it seems it was way too big. I’m going to split this into 3 posts.

Ok, on to the next two. I promise they won’t be as long as that. Second thing I think is need is a more diverse cast. I’m not saying who we have already stink, except for 2 coles. I’m sorry, I will never like that idea. Yes they have different moves, but you don’t put 2 different versions of a character in the first version of a game like this. Yes, it works for Street fighter, but in a game celebrating the history and large amount of games for a company, it is a bad idea.

Sorry, got side tracked. Anyway, While the current cast is good, you alienate a large portion of your fans with not having anything other then Toro to cater to the japanese crowd. Heiatchi doesn’t count. While the Japanese like fighting games and tekken, none of the other games the cast are from really sold extremely well in japan. And if you want the game to be huge, you need to appeal to a global market. Adding Kat as DLC was a good first move, but more needs to be added. Licensing may not let you get a Final Fantasy character, or Sora, if Square doesn’t want them in, but you have plenty of other RPG’s and Japanese favored games to pick from, many Playstation exclusive. You got Nippon Ichi, a huge supporter of Sony for it’s entire run, with only a few non sony games. Throw in a disgaea character like Laharl or Etna, and not only will it be a great idea to celebrate their current anniversary going on, but you also will have many Japanese and JRPG fans running to grab them. You have Wild Arms, a Sony exclusive RPG that you could grab a character from. Brave Fencer Musashi, a very early PS1 game. And it doesn’t have to be just RPG characters. you put in Nariko from Heavenly blade, why not Ellen from Folklore, another PS3 launch window game that while not hugely popular here, was quite popular in japan, and had good reviews. And why no Ico? No Legend of Dragoon character?

The cast also doesn’t pull from many older games that made the Playstation. Yes, I know they are trying to get Crash and Spyro, but they need to try harder. They MADE the playstation, and the Playstation made them. Maybe they were scared from a new developer taking the reigns, and were afraid sony might not fully support it. Show them you will support it long term, convince them! Other then Crash and Spyro, you have Brave Fencer Musashi, Arc the Lad, The legacy of Kain series, and Bloody roar to just name a few. They should also try to get Rayman, since he was first on the playstation(well, also saturn and jaguar, but those companies are gone.

Here are the 20 characters I think should be added as DLC, to help broaden the audience they can reach:
Musashi (Brave Fencer Musashi)
Arc(Arc the Lad)
Razeal(Legacy of Kain series)
Sora(Kingdom Hearts)
Alice(Bloody Roar)
Lightning or Sephiroth(Final Fantasy)
Dart(Legend of Dragoon)
Rudy or Virginia(Wild arms 1 or Wild arms 3)
Scarlett blake(Dead Nation)
Neptune(Hyper Dimentional Neptunia)
Meruru (Atelier Meruru: The Apprentice of Arland)

I know that is giving you double the cast of characters that originally came with the game, but I think it is needed. Make them and ship 2 out every 2 or 3 months. You keep the game alive for along time. Yes, even into the PS4. I’ll get into that later.

I also think throwing in more stages that reflect some other series on the Playstation that might not get a character rep is a good idea:

Katamari Damacy, Journey, Flower, Motorstorm, Shadows of Colossus to name a few.

And now for the 3rd thing: Marketing. Sony has been awful at marketing the last few years, and this is no exception. While the ads were stylized, they didn’t show off the game. The Robot Chicken was was the best ad, and it didn’t get a lot of screen time. Sony has not been pushing this game at all either. They NEED to step up the game if they want to compete with Smash. Smash had a lot of support from Nintendo, with the dojo updating every day and so forth. Nintendo then stopped, nintendo didn’t need to keep supporting it due to the huge fan base. Sony is at a disadvantage right now with Nintendo, so can’t rely on just the fans. They need to make official tournaments, online and off. Give PSN prizes, push the heck out of this game.

One way to keep the marketing up for this game is a stead slew of DLC. Keep the DLC coming, even after the PS4 is out. You need to be able to compete with Smash 4, and if you keep the game in the news constantly, you will grow and grow your fanbase, and by the time Smash 4 is out, your game would have been out for a few yours with constant support, putting the ball in Nintendo’s court to fight you in how much you pushed into the game. If you want to push the PS4 as well, release a ultimate edition for the PS4 network. Include everything from the game, plus some extra stuff like stages, outfits, things like that. And if people have the PS3 version, let them download it for a fraction of the price, like 10 or 15 bucks. That way you don’t screw over the the people who have been supporting the game for so long, AND you get new people to buy the PS4 version.

Now, all that is a lot of work for Sony and Santa monica studios. Personally, I think they should bring back Super bot to assist in this. 3 companys working on this is better then 2. If you don’t want them to do much, that’s fine, but you will need the man power, and even if you just have super bot testing and tweeking what Santa monica does, that will help a lot!

Ok, those are my 3 big points in this game that I think needs to happen. Man that took a long time to write. I apologize of the massiveness, but I really want this game to succeed, and it’s up to sony to make it happen. I hope you guys find this informative, and I would love to hear what you guys think, especially about the Health meter.


Throws exist to stomp ap gain. <br>Most IP holders wanted more money then superbot had <br>E-mail Sony about marketing. <br><br>This game is not a smash clone, its a brawler, these comparisons need to stop now. You control space and manage your meter while stopping your opponent from doing anything. 

It’s simple why this game hasn’t faired so well.

To complicated for casual players.
To casual for hardcore players.

The game tries to cater to both but ends up being neither here nor there.

Game is good people just don’t get into it easily

<blockquote class=“Quote”>
<div class=“QuoteAuthor”><a href="/profile/8493/kataridragon">kataridragon</a> said:</div>
<div class=“QuoteText”>It’s simple why this game hasn’t faired so well.<br>
To complicated for casual players.<br>
To casual for hardcore players.<br>
The game tries to cater to both but ends up being neither here nor there.<br>
Game is good people just don’t get into it easily</div>

<br><div>This.</div><div><br></div><div>Also, while a health bar would be good, I couldn’t imagine how much more broken Kratos would be with his ridiculous range. Not to mention it would take a huge amount of redesign that wouldn’t necessarily give them any sort of revenue. I’m hoping that this gets a sequel and that options for a health bar or ringout system are implemented. Perhaps a mashup of the two like Jump Ultimate Stars?</div>

a kill should deplete your opponents meter by 1 bar. there for, they cant just die, die, die, and kill everyone twice with a level 3, and win.