The 360 controller has been nothing but a pain in the ass for modding

Why the fuck did MS not have any common ground? I have tried to find one for weeks and no luck yet. Sorry, to report guys that making a Sanwa stick with the 360 controller is going to be a right pain in the ass. Unless you mod the Sanwa stick so each direction has its own ground to match the dpad you will find that the time to do it all won’t be worth it.

Will we see any converters? I don’t know to tell the truth but the odds are not too well. It fucking sucks that people with custom sticks are out in the cold.

ug. that is crappy.

hopefully someone will come out with a converter. a better solution than none, i guess. still crappy though.

good luck trying to hack the pad. i hope it can be done at some point.

I am making a customstick with P360 pad…

Wait, did you find a common ground? Or, did you mod the joystick? More info would be cool. :wonder:

AFAIK he’ll be cutting the traces on the JLF joystick PCB and solder all those pesky grounds directly to the switches. It’s a little sad that putting a 360 PCB in a project-box requires a full DB25 just to deal with eight buttons and four directions thanks to all those separate grounds :arazz:

Has anyone tried the Mad Catz 360 Pad yet? Im thinking about picking one up to see ?if it can be hacked.

My gut tells me there’s a 99% chance there is in fact a single ground. The problem is that you never expected to find resistors on the ground path. Look again, and see if you can track down some resistors. ESpecially if you’ve gone and hacked the pad, but noticed you can only press one button at a time.

Even the standard xbox controller had low value resistors all over the place.

I use separate ground from now on in my sticks because I will use DB25 (internal projectbox) so it is no problem (I even got a pin for the +5v left ^_^).

Interesting, TheRealNeoGeo. Please keep us all up to date on your new stick and if you could make a new topic for it once you are done I?m sure a lot of people will find it helpful.

I’ll try again, but to tell the truth I’m getting sick of looking. :rofl: Anyway, hopefully we all find away around this little problem before SF2:Turbo comes out on XBLA. The DOA4 stick just does not cut it.

Yeah, no problem. I figure if I want to make it a “futureproof” stick it is best to have it use separate ground because you never know how “crappy” they make the controllers (pads) now days. Just thinking ahead…

Just to put it out there, you dont need to have seperate grounds going to the box with the joystick in it, within the project box you could probably build a device consisting of several relays, that takes the info from the single ground joystick, and activates relays to produce outputs that use multiple grounds. Just a thought.

  1. Relays are slow.

  2. people on this board are not comfortable designing circuits.

  3. that’s a huge waste of power. Spend time, not power.

I would have to agree with you on the power issue, I hadnt really thought to much on the matter. Looking at optoisolaters, and solid state relays, they all seem to need about 10 ma, so that does turn into a problem fairly quickly.