The 3rd Strike Online Edition Video Thread

I think the SF4 player didn’t know that Ryu’s SRK isn’t invincible on wakeup, unless you use EX.

ryu doesn’t need invincibility. that’s for wussies.


What kind of sick, sadistic person puts Urien Laugh at the end of a trailer?! You’re going to scare all the kids. :badboy:

I laughed a whole buncha times before that, so it kinda fits. :wonder:

HP Fireball x EX TACKLE, takes 5 games seconds, but cover that up with a video effect wipe, and maybe it’ll look like a new move!

Dudley HK, they pop out, EX MGB they sail down and get hit
(not guaranteed, they should have a form of trip guard, & be able to land and block in time

Super fun. Happened in my match, video the other day.

You should put a few matches from last night up. All of mine were evaporated by that jab machine Ken rage quiting >:(

I put some to the server, with note: 3rd round maybe broke

Lots of weird going on if the matches took too long for the memory or something, none were ending how it actually happened with some desync somewhere along the line. Yeah like I said, my console froze there too. Come back to Dander Chun, luckily it fixed itself but not before the game just gave me Alex. Went better than Oro vs Dander Chun. :tup:

Speaking of, I do have 1 up of you and me, Ororo, Oro character forums. Newbie Oro.

& that one to laugh about. Online Demons -- Bad habits & How to fix them

It’s really funny how accidents can turn into theatrics

Yeah i’m pretty sure he could have blocked it unless it hit him while he was still off the ground or he tried to parry it? i was pretty lucky there cus it led to a comeback :smiley:




3 minutes and 39 seconds, yikes. That’s the new record.

Dash Punch into crMP Tengu follow buddies. Sit down.

N0M0reFunland Ryu mirror



This is the only one left really. Lots of 1st round 2nd round work, 3rd round does not. Desync. Maybe I need to check if my Alex “beat” Dander Chun :badboy: since I did get to the 3rd round!




No idea what to do vs Backward Alex.
Was trying to jump strong those HK’s air to air/

To think I was meaty MP, close MK both to only whiff POWERBOMB mixing up people earlier on wakeup with my Alex.
Run into this. Will have to study it, I guess. No fireballs, stupid! Assume charge all the time.




Makoto so so bad, you can see that mash Super, only time I fukiage’d. Sorry Telesniper. Your color power though.
Parry bait x Super works for Makoto then even if I was way slow, online is way fast and he got off a throw there. Saw/heard sweep point blank for Seichusan, should’ve block punished it though, Sean sweep way slow recovery.
Karakusa wasn’t slowing him down the previous game, so just try to stuff wheel kick, avoid it in crazy new ways.

Like Late crMP stuff on the descent/way down! :eek:

Hayate Feint -> Block
Was too slow for a Fullscreen EX wheelkick… ouch. KO then the 2nd hit juggled her off her feet now.

Hey guys, here’s a really quick video of me playing some random dude online. I’m trying to improve myself at this game, so please feel free to tell me what I’m doing wrong and where I need to improve. Preferably in great detail. :tup:

Block on wakeup.

Learn your characters combos and punishes.

Play a lot more.



i have a really funny story to share regardin that match but gime a bit. im postjng from my tablet while i take a sjit.

hahaha ok so I matched up with this guy and decided to test out my new headset. I put it on after the match up screen so I got verification before the match actually started. Match starts and we’re playing, I’m talking regular into it and realize that he picked SA1. I figure it’s not going to be too difficult and decide to have fun with the match. I started out with twinkled toes Akuma prancing around him after knockdown as you can see. Eventually I figure he’s going to start jumping to catch me so I walk rowards him and he hits me with the back of a spinny kick.
Now here is where it gets good. I didn’t much like that I didn’t get too continue my game so I say into the mic, “That’s it, I’m putting Pikachu on the control” and as I do, I swear to you, Ken was like fidgeting around, pressing buttons in a manner as if to say “No, don’t bring Pikachu in!”. He starts jabbing and it’s just funny,

Things like that make online worthwhile sometimes.

post pics of the cat. do it.


BTW BG to SCRyED13 or 19 or some shit. Urien ragequitting on my Remy and then talking shit about how I can’t charge partition when clearly I don’t need it to whoop his scrubby ass LOL

I watched the beginning of the match and from the moment you’d get a poke in and he’d follow up with a mashed forward I knew you were way more advanced than him.


dont use low strong v ken unless you know its going to hit. or just use it sparingly.
it will whiff vs low forward and sweep.

Hey guys, I just got a cheapo capture card on a whim (thank you alcohol + amazon prime.) figured this weekend I’d try capturing some matches of my Safeway Select Chun and seeing what I can improve on.