The 432,234,345'th iPod av request


:sweat: Any one feel like making an iPod AV. please :sweat:


with what in it?


I was thinking an animated (if possible :sweat: ) taunting magneto ( the pose where he has his arms folded and is laughing). And on the left side of the character the word iTrip. As far as color goes, a dark shade of red would be cool.


Will any of these do.


could you switch
so that he’s facing the right?
Just like
<------------ only a little bigger?


Here you go, sorry if its not that great this is the first ipod one ive made.

See Robert Hines

oh and i made another while i was working on that if anyone wants it.

See Robert Hines


I like it!!
Thx alot!!:wgrin:


no prob.