The 4th beta

The SFV beta currently has a new update on PS4 right now. This could be another mini beta with features and changes that are closer to final than the last. But, we should know more relatively soon as whether this is a full 3 day beta or it’s just mini beta.

It’s useless to create a thread about new beta if nothing has been confirmed or even rumoured on a bigger scale.

I don’t believe Capcom would waste time updating a beta client that was supposedly done after the final official beta test especially with it being a just a little over a month before the release. So even if it not confirm nor rumoured, it means something up.

It seems that after you’ve uploaded the beta update you can check the update history and find this:

Looks like another beta is coming your way…

more info can be found here

Locking until there’s actual confirmation of one.