...The 5 Fighting game gods Cont

What are the 5 good and kusoge fighting games? SF? HNK? BB?

I just want to know the games, not folklore of players with mythical attirbutes

Note:1st thread was good stuff lmao! honest mistake.



Watch with close caption and read the vid description.


I thought this was going to be another 5 Gods of FG pyramid again

I leave sorely dissapointed

Dylan… Dylan… Dylan, Dylan, and Dylan.

i thought the “gods” were games not people. what is considered in japan the holy grail of fighting games?


Karnov is your god.


can anyone explain what thehell this dude is talking about?

He thought the 5 gods were games, not people. Now he wants to know what is the “holy grail” of fighters, which I don’t think exists.

He just read


Thanks for the article. It explains a lot.