The 7 Stances Of Lei Wulong



He actually has 8 but I don’t count Play Dead since he can only sweep or get up.

Anyway this is a basic video guide that shows of all of Lei’s moves and stances. A little bit on his mobility and all 20 trials. Check it out if you’re interested:



Great job! There’s a “hidden” target combo with Lei in Drunken Master Walk. f+mp,, f+PP, f+KK. Couple of things you can probably add with Youtube annotations as well are the moves that overhead and the moves that hit low.

I loved the wheel representation for stances, it’s pretty much how I see it mid match.


Right on. Glad you liked it. This video is by no means EVERYTHING Lei can do. I just wanted to pique players’ interest in this character and encourage them to explore him further.


Is it a good strategy to use wiff pokes to give pressure? It seems to be what his gameplay is about. Nice video, helped me work out what I was watching in other combo vids. Also, how do I cancel f. MP into snake? Is it just d. KKK or is there something special? edit- found out you just hold down, and his f. mp target combo cancels into different stances depending on where you cancel it (super cool).