The 707 Rohnert Park Scandia, Fight night Fridays Thread

Now that the Scandia in Rohnert Park of Sonoma County, CA is having Fighting game tourneys, I have decided to make a thread dedicated to the tourneys held in order to bring in more out of town competition. Last tournament, 16 players showed up, and the number increases every tourney. (This was only the second official tourney, so 16 is a rather large turnout, with people arriving from more than 60 mins. away or more. The date and times of all our tourneys will be posted here.

Also, every Friday night we have excellent casuals with some good competition. Scandia has Tekken 5.0, CvS2, MvC2, 3S, and an emulated SF: Anniversary Machine.

The Address is

5301 Redwood Dr
Rohnert Park, CA 94928
(707) 584-7298

If you are in the neighborhood, come check us out.

Here are the results of our last tourney, held on 1/5/07. Usually there is a tourney every month or every two months, depending on the dates surrounding.

Fight Night 07 Scandia Rohnert Park 1/5/07

Tekken 5 (6 players)
1st - Dave
2nd - Brian
3rd - Joe
4th - Alex C.
5th - Randall
5th - Paul

Marvel vs. Capcom 2 (9 players)
1st - Daniel
2nd - Bo
3rd - Wen
4th - Jamie
5th - Alex C.
5th - Frankie
7th - Anthony
7th - Randall
9th - Luis
9th - Tony

Capcom vs. SNK 2 (9 players)
1st - Wen
2nd - Daniel
3rd - Frankie
4th - Spanky
5th - Paul
5th - Randall
7th - Alex C.
7th - Brian
9th - Francisco
9th - Dave

Street Fighter 3: Third Strike (16 players)
1st - Alex
2nd - Joe
3rd - Joe "Spanky"
4th - Niko "Dr. Niko"
5th - Abe
5th - Erwin "kgk"
7th - Efren
7th - Luther "taco"
9th - Jordan
9th - Jason
9th - JR "brownstreak"
9th - Daniel
13th - Phil "Chong Li"
13th - Jamie
13th - Anthony
13th - Ray

What time do you guys start? I’m going to try to hit the next one from work in San Rafael. Also, you may want to move this info to the Pac North Region area.

um when is the next tournament?
I’m thinking I may be able to go but I do live about an 1hour an a half away but I an thinking about visiting a friend who lives up in that direction anyway around april 6-7 so is there a tourny around that date for the games you’ve mentioned?