The 7th Inning Stretch a.k.a. MLB 2k7 Season thread (Fantasy baseball included)

So, to kick off this wonderful thread I’ll just say this:

Carl Pavano: American Idle(as shown in the NY Post). He is earning the easiest paycheck in baseball.

Now let’s get to the discussion!

White Sox are going to beast this year, and I can’t believe it neither…possibly the Cubs as well.

With Lou Pinella behind the managing reigns, I think they’ll be able to pull off some good wins. But, the Cubs at this point are rebuilding. Alfonso Soriano was their first major acquisition in a few years. We’ll see though. They still have to deal with the Cardinals in the Central and their team goes unchanged from last season. And of course, the Mets will be there to take the East.

Man, and my boy Bobby Abreu is injured with some abdominal pain. That or he pulled something around there. So, now he’s out for a few. Hopefully he’ll be back for the beginning of the season. Can’t complain about that though because we have The Melky Way to host rightfield while Bobby A. gets better.

I still think the Yankees should get rid of Giambi, stick Matsui in as DH, throw Melky into leftfield and keep Bobby A. at right. Now you’ll have Melky, Damon and Bobby for the outfield. TWO strong-as-all-hell arms from left and right and Captain Caveman, who is willing to run ANY ball down, at center. Too fucking good.

The infield is looking tight as well. Doug Mienkeivicz(sp?) at 1st, Cano at 2nd, Jeter and A-Rod on short and 3rd respectively. I don’t see why this infield should have a problem making errors this season. That’s right, I’m looking at you, too, A-Rod. Please stop hugging Jeter’s left nut and play the fucking game right. Give us the old A-Rod throughout the entire year(yes, I include October because we’ll be there).

Yankees better hope for the wildcard.

Fantasy Drafting today, looking for the next Alex Rios.

Tigers look good. Go Brewers. Is the fantasy league all filled up already? If not can i get in?

Thread crossover…

That just sickens me, that beating a rival and not getting a championship is the key objective of a playoff campaign. That’s why I hate both of your cities - like I couldn’t care less if we beat New York, Boston, Detroit, or even the Rays…as long as we win.

Damn Yankees. Ruining the economic landscape of baseball by paying losers like Pavano something like $11 million a year to sit on his ass…and going out and buying the division anyway.

But hopefully better, considering the slump he had coming back from that staph infection.

Nick Markakis? He could probably get .300-20-90-90 no problem in Baltimore. Probably no steals though.

And I’d check out Edwin Encarnacion (3B, Reds). Had like an 81% contact rate last year, so he should at least maintain a .270 that won’t hurt you…15 HR and 72 RBI’s last year in only 400ish at-bats, so it’s not a stretch to think he can get to 25-30 and 100. Plus he had 6 steals.

Ryan Zimmerman had a pretty awesome rookie year too, with 20 and 110 and 11 steals for kicks. His K’s will probably murder you in that category though - kinda like Dunn but without the homers and a way higher average. …so really…not that much like Dunn.

If we actually have an SRK league, no one is allowed to steal my ideas.

I had Zimmerman last year, Markakis looks good I’m gonna keep an eye out for him.

What’s your thoughts on Alex Gordon? Think he’s gonna get enough playing time to make it worth it?

so who is stating the fantasy baseball send me an invite?

I agree with you on the whole Carl Pavano ordeal. That fucker hasn’t done SHIT with us. He basically gets the name out.

Friend: Hey Carl! You’re a Yankee, now?

Carl: Yeah! Buy the merchandise and see a game.

Anyway, onto why beating the rival MATTERED most in that '03 season. New Yorkers went in with low expectations in that World Series. We were ALL drained from that 7 game saga. And we figured, “Well, it’s the Marlins. Fish out of water and they want to mess with the big boys. Fuck them. We’ll win.” So everyone went and said that, but at the same time everyone was all about the curse being real and all that mystique and aura shit. And I mean, it was building up to this. Almost 100 years, for God’s sake. So much drama and all that awesome jazz.

You can’t top that. That’s why, for me, the '96 World Series was the last awesome World Series. The drama wasn’t there physically, but it was there mentally. The Yankees were going in as the underdog.

And, yes, the same applies to the Redsox as well. Winning that World Series was the SECOND goal on the list. Revenge against the Yankees was priority number 1.

I think he will. Dude had like a 1.000 OPS in AA - I’m not too sure what he’s got left to prove in the minors.

…then again, Adam Lind had 1.069 OPS in Syracuse last year and absolutely raked the ball in his September call-up…and he’s not making our opening day lineup. But these are the Royals - if they’re not going to play their young guys then I don’t know what they’re playing for. Everything I’ve read so far this year has the Royals moving Teahen into the outfield for him, so I think Gordon at third this year is pretty much a lock. He’ll make opening day for sure.

The only question is whether or not he’ll play the full 162 games or just like 120-140, as standard rookie procedure, like sitting him some days against tough lefties or whatever. (Gordon bats left-handed right?) Unless he absolutely kills it, I think like 120-140 game is likier.

I don’t know his stats that well, but from all the sources I’ve read they’re projecting him to be like a .270 average, 15-20 homers, maybe 20 steals. But I think most of those are assuming he plays every game, so some of the production numbers may be lower. And I don’t know how many runs and RBI’s he’ll get on the Royals.

Honestly, I’d be interested in him and keeping an eye on him all throughout the draft, and he’s potential to be the next big superstar alone is probably worth a middle round pick.

And those are good numbers, I’d personally probably get an established 3B probably ahead of that - I like filling up my infield and SP’s earlier because you can generally find cheap saves like everywhere and a servicable OF in the later rounds or off the wire. Some random OF’s always pop up during the year. So I’d probably pick him with a late pick, but he probably won’t last that long. And there’s always that sexy potential idea, but there’s still a significant risk - for all the hype, he’s only had one season in AA (though it was a good one) since college.

I really want to play in a keeper league sometime, but (a) I don’t know where to go for one of them, (b) I don’t know that many guys that are into baseball, much less THAT into baseball, and © I’m afraid it’ll completely take over and ruin my life. I think I’d have to do it with a teammate or something, I’d need someone to keep me sane.

I’m rooting for the White Sox as well.

That’s why Sox fans are infinitely more annoying.

It’s always about the Yankees for them, how they’re always keeping them down. I remember when they tried to trade for A-Rod, fell a couple million short, lost out to the Yankees, and then started bitching to the league about how the Yankees were ruining baseball because of their $200 million payroll.

Motherfuckers, YOU have the second highest payroll!

Like a ring isn’t a ring without going through your hated rivals first…no you stupid asses, a ring IS a ring! I never understood how you could go through so many years without a title and bitching about how you’re cursed and whatnot…and then you’re more wrapped up about beating the Yankees than you are of getting a ring. That’s stupid.

I mean Yankees are Yankees - they win, and they win by buying everyone up, but they know that, and they understand and embrace their role as the Evil Empire. But the Sox do all that…only they keep complaining about the Yankees, about things that they themselves are doing.

I will say this for Yankee fans - at least you have the decency to acknowledge that you’re evil. I think I would love being a Yankees fan.

But fortunately I’m not.

I agree with everything you said. And the sad part is, the rivalry is still going on even after they won. =/

Yeah, it’s awesome to know that we’re evil and can admit to it in a healthy manor. I love George for that.

So, I saw some footage of today’s first spring training game and it was my World Series pick: Tigers vs. Mets. I can’t believe Julio Franco can STILL fucking hit. They lost though, against the Tigers. Ah, the joys of spring training. Some teams actually PLAY hard to win these games. The Yankees just sleep through them and wait for the real games to count.

I wonder what’s gonna be the word on Phillip Hughes. After all, Carl Cash-in Pavano is injured. Let’s go Hughes!

I’m in a hockey keeper league, and yes it’s not good at all for life. Baseball would be even worse.

I knew Lind tore it up, I didnt know he had a 1.000 OPS+ tho.

Also there is so much talent at the 3B and 1B positions that you can snag ones at the later rounds, I don’t mind waiting a bit to fill those parts up in the 4th-5th round (provided that my main power or speed guy isnt one of them), I do agree with grabbing the SPs first tho.

My infielders (except for Tejada), were drafted after the 5th round (or not at all)

1b: Morneau
2b: Cano
SS; Tejada
3b: Zimmerman
IF: Reyes (Trade for Jermaine Dye + Otsuka)

I like getting OF and SPs early, I think it’s easier to pick consistant OFs than IFs.

It’s gonna be hard to pick a consistant #1 if I don’t get Johan. I’d like to get Roy again but I hear his workload is gonna get dropped significantly after the jays pretty much worked him till he died. Maybe Carp…

Deathscythe, as much as I’d like to see Hughes in action (well maybe not considering he’s in the Jays division), letting him play for a full season wouldn’t be smart, especially with all his potential. I must say the Yankees did an amazing job with him and to have him injure himself cuz that moron Pavano is a bum would just be disgusting.

What’s this bullshit that the Cardinals want Roger Clemens? No way in hell he’d do that unless he’s a heartless bastard, which would be impossible for a man like him. Close to retirement if he’s not retiring anyway, you don’t leave your home town, your home town team, and go play for a hated division rival and retire there. Houston would hate him forever.

World Series possibilities… I say for the AL it’s New York, Detroit, Chicago, and Los Angeles. I think Boston’s bullpen is lacking, and Oakland took major hits losing Barry Zito and Frank Thomas. Minnesota’s questionable, but hell. Last several times they won the division, they lose in the first round. So no. And can you believe I heard people on ESPN say that Cleveland would get there this year?

NL has to be the Mets. Has to be. NL is like the Eastern Conference in the NBA. I see nobody in any division who can take on the Mets. Not even St. Louis, they lost pitching power in the offseason. Arizona? You better pray Johnson works this time. LA losing Maddux to San Diego is a blow. I just can’t pick anyone in the NL other than the Mets to get to the WS this year.

Man. I always wondered who the nuts are that actually think Melky Cabrera is anything but a mediocre, fat outfielder who only gets credit becuase he was okay for a while when everybody expected him to suck. Now I know.

Dodgers losing Maddux to the Padres was a blow? Maddux has been mediocre at best for the last three years, and they replaced him with Jason freaking Schmidt.

Can’t wait for RSYN to start forcefeeding everybody the RIVALRY TO END ALL RIVALRIES. Also, giving Derek Jeter sloppy ones during the commercial breaks.

Also, barring injury, if Markakis hits only 20 homers, i’ll be absolutely shocked.

Watch for Jeremy Hermida to break out this year.

Watch also for Rich Hill to be impressive.

lol no. Yankees will win it all.

So Fantasy is included in the title, does SRK have a league? Never played Fantasy before until now. Don’t quite really understand how it works.


But seriously, The way the Padres go about trying to “compete” every year in the NL West is annoying as hell. The last few years when they won the West they were lucky to be in the sorriest division in baseball. This year looks like it may be a bit more difficult. The pitching staff has to be considered one of the best in baseball, and the bullpen seems just as strong as last year. The real issue (like always) is hitting. Last year the Padres had no one in the top 50 in the league in OPS. Even worse is seeing most of the regular’s home/away splits. PETCO just seems to get in everyone’s head except the road team. I’ve been to plenty of games where the road team had no problem hitting bombs outta there. If they can get any better production from their bats, they can be dangerous. Trading Barfield for Kouzmanoff was upsetting, but I can see why now. They traded a 6-7-8 hitter for a potential 3-4-5 hitter, something sorely needed. But that’s whats annoying. They’re a few hitters away from being really good, and Alderson and Towers just sit back looking to find some cheap bat that won’t be a total black hole. I still like them to win the West this year, but their ceiling isn’t too high unless they get a middle of the order masher.

And hell yes, Fantasy Baseball drafts are here. It seems moreso than previous years you want a late round pick. In my Yahoo Winner league I managed to snag David Wright and Vlad Guerrero when I had the #10 pick. I’m not a fan of taking SP early. Pitchers flucuate more than any other position. Just look at who the top pitchers were supposed to be the last few years. Santana is the only lock to be a dominant pitcher and he’s been going Top 5 in drafts. Middle round pitchers like Harden, Papelbon, and Hamels could easily outproduce pitchers taken before them. And there’s always FA pitchers who come out of nowhere and become reliable fantasy options (06 Arroyo).

if no one starts a league within 2 weeks or so i’ll start one but if someone does please no more than 14 teams. :sad: