The 8 Bit Sessions | Manhattan NYC

Hey guys what’s up it’s phire I haven’t posted in a while. I spent a bit of time talking with Lemon(Justin Dubbs) about my game and we both agreed that there are a good number of mid level players who want to get better but do not have access to good competition consistenly or at all. So I present to you all the 8-Bit Sessions.For those who don’t know what sessions are, they are a few hours spent playing against other players,trying and learning new strategies, watching other players and genereally sharing knowledge. Sort of like what used to happen when you go to arcades.

With that said here’s the breakdown of how this is going down. Every Sunday after 7 and until we decide to go home, we will be playing SF. I know AE is out in CF(Thank you Henry<3) but most tourneys will be played on console and when it hit consoles we will continue running sessions. I will try to make sure I have one of the pros come through every now and then and beat us all up. Who knows at the end of the night we may just do a tournament depending on the turn out. In terms of pricing it is totally free, I would say leave a suggested optional donation of 5 bucks or whatever you want,which would go to the purchase of chairs(more comfortable ones)for future tourneys, once the goal is met. Then that donation is going to towards getting food and drink for the night. I’m in talks with some of the local shops for catering deals. Will Spooky stream it? If he wants to. Where is the venue? 35 St Marks pl (it’s where the tourneys are held). How many set ups do we run/can support? The answer is 6, they are all LCD. We are running 360 mainly but we can play PS3, please send me a message if you have a perference. If there are any questions feel free to email me (which is at the bottom of the post) for more details. Oh two important things, the first is obviouss BRNIG YOUR OWN CONTROLLER. The second one maybe a little bit more subtle so I’ll spell it out for you BATHE and WEAR DEODORANT. It’s a small venue so lets make sure we’re smelling decent.

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Details for people who don’t like to read large blocks of text
[]Street Fighter sessions
]Free, optional donations are welcome.
[]Sunady from 7p-whenever
]Bring your own controller
[]Held at 8Bit and Up
]Streamed only if someone wants to pick up it up
[*]Every Sunday unless something horrible happens

8Bit is located at
35 St Marks Pl
New York, NY 10003

Also if you are a tourney organizer in NYC, hit me up I have propostion for you guys.

MY email is phire at

Good times last night!

Phire, you should put Manhattan NYC in the thread title so that one doesn’t have to read the post to know where it is. :slight_smile:

This sounds like a great idea. Will this start next Sunday? I’ll definitely come and show my support.

noted I will repost this today.

I had the thread deleted for spam so i guess i have to bump this.

I’m down for this. I have a preference for PS3 at the moment since I have yet to get one of those XCM converters and I’m a pad player

fixed it for you

So, is this going on on the 30th?
If so, I can bring a 360 with SSF4, and a small LCD tv.

These sessions are weekly, every Sunday, and no need to bring a TV or console - just a controller.

Again, good games last night!

great games everyone shout outs to Amel for exposing me with Fei long.

Great matches for everyone who came out this past sunday.

Are these sessions still happening weekly? Just checking b/c I’d go this Sunday if there was one.

Damn, wish this was done on also on sat nights… actually is it ever held on saturday nights?? I just ask because Ive been looking for a place to go to and rip it up and finally found this thread. Problem is I have class early morning next day on monday. Oh well, if not then hopefully I will be able to make it sometime to the sessions on Sunday night. Id love to come and check out the vibe.

I would like to know this.

is SF the only game people will be playing, or are other games welcome?
just askin.’

I think they do MvC3 too??

They run SSF4 and MvC3. Last Sunday we even ran Third Strike for fun since online edition is on the horizon. Everyone there is friendly and the environment is ego-free. I’ve been attending for the last few months and it is highly recommended. For those that are looking to improve and progress their game, this is the place for NYC fighters.

Just a reminder…today, Sunday 7pm SSF4 and MvC3 casual sessions @ 8bit! I’ll bring a copy of Third Strike for those that are interested in repping the old school.

Sunday nights are bad for me, but good to know this is going on.

Nice it’s pretty close to Penn. I’ll be there next week, I play mvc3 and ssf4 but I’d love it if we could get an HDR session going.