The 8 frame input lag is supposed to improve online play, but the net code is so bad


that normal players are getting online penalties for being disconnected constantly.

I run this game at 60fps on my PC with 10 ping, but my online matches are so slow that I recently got temporary banned with a -1k LP loss after so many 40002 disconnections.

In addition, the 4-5 connection setting doesn’t prevent me from being paired against people on the other side of the world, maybe they have 4-5 bar connection, but that doesn’t mean we’re going to have a good match, low ping across the globe is unrealistic. I legit played against the UK, Brazil, then Japan in a row from the southwest US area.

This game literally makes itself unable to be played, and punishes me for trying to play in spite of its faults.
I know others have had these experiences, including being given online penalties.
Please share.


I don’t see how 8f of lag helps in online play, and I don’t think Capcom ever stated that that was the reasoning behind the design decision, or mistake, of having input delay in the first place… Someone has to explain that one to me.

Unless they went out of their way to do something weird with the rollback where the game actually recognizes your input 8f early but delays the output of the move… regardless, it’s insane to have 133ms of lag in an offline fighting game, who cares about online play.

Reducing input lag should make the online experience better, not worse. Bad design decision if it indeed was intentional.


Players who don’t have a decent offline scene.


I did online play in SFIV. It was fine. You had a good connection you were ready to go. SFV’s online is markedly worse and I’m not even sure how that’s possible 10 years on.



SFIV online was not fine. I play people cosat to coast much better in V (at least on PS4) than I could on IV. IV coast to coast was guaranteed yellow bar slush. Whereas I can play coast to coast in V with similar response to offline play and usually not see even one rollback. Granted others coast to coast can be laggier, but I feel that’s their connection more than anything.


Seconded DJ01. In 5 I actually get decent matchups against the rest of Europe. In 4 I wouldn’t dare play outside of the UK online. I’m set to 4-5 connections only and the odd 2 or 3 seem to sneak through still, but it’s way better and way more consistent than it used to be.


SFV is so much better then SF4 online, i realy love SFV online gameplay



SF4 online is hot fucking trash.