The 805

Just moved to this area…:confused: any arcades or any srk peeps to hang with ?
Let me know.


the only arcade i know of is the one at the UCen at UCSB. and the only fighting games there are mvc2 and guilty gear isuka. i think im the only person from ucsb that posts on srk.

hey if u have car or sumthing you should try going to valle’s rushdown invitational’s. it’s less than 2 hours away driving. i’ve been trying to find a way to get there, but taking the amtrak would be a hassle. by the way i play 3s if u need comp.

sup cynistar , yeah we should meet up sometime. I’m about an hour away from
you. I play 3s,Marvel,cvs2, also st2.

I’m at ucsb too, although i don’t really post. Know anybody that plays gg around here? Suprisingly someone in my dorm plays, but he is not very good =\

sup Stumble, I play gg on ocassion. I drove by UCSB today… Nice Campus.

haha yea our campus is pretty nice. i play a little gg, but i only know the basics. hey stumble, what dorm do u live in? im at manzanita village.

Electric Avenue used to be the most common place to get together in the 805 to play 3rd strike, but they shut down a few weeks ago. I’m not sure how things are up at UCSB, but since EA’s shut down, everyone’s just been going to FFA more.

And Alex’s rushdown invitationals are definitely solid for some 3s/ST/A3 matches. I myself haven’t made it to one yet but the big names that have been going so far seem pretty promising.

this place really fuckin sucks.

mio where is ffa at…? sorry new to the area…:sweat:

i’d go to FFA ( it’s in granada hills), but i dont have a car and it’s like 2 hours away.

Exact info for FFA:

Family Fun Arcade
10363 Balboa Blvd.
Granada Hills, CA 91344
Tel: (818) 360-0419

I’m not sure where Lompoc is in relation to FFA… but this is what I do going from Ventura (you can adjust accordingly):

-Take the 101 south
-Get off at the 23 North in Thousand Oaks
-The 23 North becomes the San Fernando Freeway, stay on it and get off at Balboa in Granada Hills
-Turn right into the center on the corner of Balboa and Devonshire.

Cosign. The 805 (at least, the side with Ventura, Oxnard, Camarillo, T.O., etc.) really does suck for arcade gamers.

At least we have Interface…and FFA’s not that much of a drive from our side.

hey, any of you guys have a car, do you think you could give me a ride next time you go to FFA. i’ll pay for gas.

Thanks for the info mio!!!:karate:

Cynistar- I’m at Santa Rosa, and I’ve talked to at least two other people that play 3s over here. AlsoI tried looking on facebook for ucsb gg and I found at least one guy lol

I guess if you guys go to the arcade I’ll tag along or something if the timing is good. The arcade here is lacking (gg isuka wtf)

Just come to interface or Family, it’s owned by the same person anyways.

Does interface have slash?

Interface only has #Reload.

Maybe if, and if, when, FFA gets Accent Core, Interface will get Slash.

Yeaaa, we have #Reload on h2h. Too bad nobody plays it.

We’re planning to take it out and put in the Melty Blood: AC on it though… eventually.


what days to most people show up at FFA to play 3s?