The 8Bitdo FC30 Bluetooth/Wired Arcade Stick


This stick, with options for Sanwa parts, currently has a group buy running on Massdrop. It’s advertised as bluetooth primarily, but according to the description you can also connect via USB. It’s only PC, Mac and mobile compatible out of the box.


Haven’t purchased it myself but seems to have the same body, buttons and joystick as the PS3/X360 Mayflash V2 and PS3/PS4 Venom sticks.


I came across their FC30 pad ( while looking on Massdrop, it’s a shame that they haven’t added all those functions (in addition to Bluetooth Dinput, it has Xinput, Wii remote mode, and more) to this stick- would make it a lot more appealing.


I went for one of these from massdrop, for $119… if it works out. I have a TE2 ps4/ps3 which is my main stick but went for this one on a whim, because its sanwa and should work on my mac, I have wanted to play Street Fighter 2 with a stick for a long time now so figured this will help achieve that…on err my mac
yeah, I know I could have achieved this with my TE2, its not really giving me anything I don’t already have…it looks nice!


I was in this group buy at Massdrop… and it was canceled. Here’s the email they sent:

"Drop status update.

Hi there,

I am reaching out to you in regards to your order for the FC30 Bluetooth Arcade Joystick (Sanwa Version).
It has been brought to our attention by the vendor that the product in this drop will not be able to enter the country due to manufacturing specifications. The vendor has let us know that they are not sure if they will be able to receive them at all. Unfortunately, because we are not able to provide these products in an acceptable time frame, if at all, we have had to cancel your order and process a full refund.You can expect to see the funds back on you raccount in the next 2-3 business days.

Our sincerest apologies for the inconvenience, and feel free to let us know if you have any questions or concerns by responding to this email."

Needless to say, I am very disappointed, but I’m also kinda psyched into buying a Brook Universal board and making a joystick from scratch after this…


I am digging the color scheme, there are so many sticks/pcbs that are pc compatible though. I suppose bluetooth is a plus.




Damn, I went in on that mass drop on a whim, but started to like the idea of having a second arcade stick, now it has been cancelled I’m left with this irrational desire to own two arcade sticks, I know I don’t need another and I really don’t have the room for another one but damn…

Problem is arcade/fight sticks are very hard to get in Australia, after I got my te2 the price went up and I even saw them for sale for insane prices on eBay(like AUD600+), the venom is $200 here…

Strange that these things can be moorish lol maybe it’s time to modify my te2