The 90's hip hop Thread

I didn’t wanna litter the actual rap/hip hop thread

Post some





you think you know 90s hip hop? ya playing yaself.


Just a few to nod ya head to…:wgrin:

Ice cream - Raekwon

Wu Tang - C.r.e.a.m.

LL Cool J - 4321

Notorious B.I.G. - One more chance

Notorious B.I.G / Junior Mafia - Players Anthem

2Pac - Temptations

The Firm - Phone Tap

ummm…is a thread with all videos/links allowed?


wow you read my mind I was just thinking about that song a couple of mins ago…:wtf:



Then we can just post songs in writing.

Beginning of the end for hip-hop (and i’m aware how pretentious that sounds).



its officially a party up in this bitch:





i can never understand why people care so much when other people post video’s, you’re not even a mod so why care?..seems like you’re indirectly trying to snitch.

I love 90s it was the bomb, here are some off the chain songs


From 86 to 96 the game went from Sugar to shit


One of my favorite albums that I feel people slept on then, and don’t remember now was “Gravity” by Da Bush Babees. Great album.

Maybe because if the thread is in direct violation of the rules it’ll get closed. Maybe because correcting it ahead of time and getting it in line with the rules will allow it to stay open?



Oh yeah i almost forgot this classic…Our summer team basketball were called the Regulators & we had this as our theme song…


edit speaking of summer, man i had this blasting every time we had parties & shit…

When 50 cent became relevant the genre went to total shit.
-Fans of 80’s + 90’s Hip Hop