The 90's




Nickelodeon always sucked. Fuck Hey Arnold. There I said it, so deal with it.

With the exception of Ren and Stimpy, since that was actually good.


funny how that was the one he forgot to add in the video


Main things I don’t miss from the 90s is the rainbow of colors, neon and otherwise, all over the effing place. I don’t need to look like this

when I’m walking down the street and being bombarded with anti AIDS/HIV/Drug campaigns.

Other than that the 90s were cool as hell. Much more interesting than the 00s. Only fun thing that came out of that was 9/11 and some more internet shit.

Edit: Also teenage angst. Mess was everywhere and it was annoying. Effing first world suburban teenage rebellion.


Snapbacks were ugly then and they’re even uglier now.
Looking back those rainbow colors on clothes and everything else really looks silly.


you sound like a female


you sound mad.


I miss the decent malls and when “multiplayer gaming” meant that you actually went to a friend’s house.

On a side note: One of my friends recently pointed out that some channel is doing a repeat of all the 90s Nick shows. It seems to be popular among the teen crowd (who would have been born post-1996) and all I can think is, “You guys are posers. I was there when this stuff was new.”


They are merely rediscovering the most recent great age of cartoons. In the age of Family Guy, it must be like drinking cool sweat from Aphrodite’s asscrack.


Fun memories of the 90s.


As I look back, the best thing about the 90s was the resurgence of 70s music, which completely Taco Bell shits all over today’s retro 80s music trend.

And work. You could apply for a job then work for that job and get paid for that job. You know, unlike today.



Enough said.


…I don’t know about all of you but I was definitely chillin back in the 90’s. I’m probably saying that because I was a kid back then. Cartoons, Music, cook outs to real hip-hop/r&b. And the ladies had the super soakers with the titties out


Ahh real monsters! Loved that show. The 90’s were good times.
I still remember the haircut I used to rock…low fade with a part going through the side.


Most of the shit from the video in the OP was fucking ass. Nick shows missed WAAAAAY more than they hit. Some shit I only watched because there simply wasn’t anything else on. As for cartoons on other networks there were definitely some gems, but what annoyed me were some of the “kid” versions of shows like Flintstones Kids, and shit like that. Then there were the EXTREEEEEEEME! Cartoons that got on my nerves too. Street Sharks, Biker Mice from Mars, and… well Extreme Dinosaurs (the fuck?!) were ass to me.

When it came to cartoons in the 90s Marvel and Disney heh (moreso Disney though) were damn good.


street sharks was raw

especially mummies alive

wildcats, tmnt, etc.

Yeah Disney had some good ones

Cant forget about SABAN tho. S-tier Saban


Suuuper Human Samurai! Cyber Squad!


I found some old-ass Jordan’s from the 90’s era. I washed them up, and they look fucking great. Picture me rollin’.


you know what needs to fucking die these commercials



This thread might be a good companion piece.

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