The 925 is alive



: O!

Damn som that was too quick. I just posted on your myspace. Hope you can make it.

Just so you guys know Like all past 707 gatherings we don’t provide any food. But we had pizza fund thing which worked out pretty well last time. I remember one day counting like 13 pizzas.

I’m also thinking of capping this at about 10 people before we move this into the garage)don’t have a date on that). We literally can’t have like 35 people over here like the old days.

Booze is cool to bring as well.

Tuesdays are all bad for me, but gl with this. Get those games in!

hey im down to come and play some CvS2 on tuesday if i dont have work.

ill be there for sure.

whats the directions to your house.

I’m down to go.

Cool I’m PM you guys my address. Just so you know it won’t always be Tuesday. I’m still not exactly sure what the regular day is going to be.

also, how late are you willing to host.

Wait! i remembered I have to be in susuin at like 7:00am So I’ll make the cutoff time around 1-2:00am this time. But future gatherings will have no cut off time. I remember playing T5 until like 7:00 or 8:00 am in the morning with an above poster. This also might change when i start my new job in a couple weeks.

BTW, licker is cool for now, but I’m unsure about future gatherings. It’ll probably be cool, just don’t act like an idiot. For those who smoke, thats always cool i got a spot in the back for that.

lol “an above poster”

but i just realized it said tuesday, not thursday. i can’t go this tuesday. :frowning:

Yeah like I said earlier, It won’t stay on Tuesdays. I’m thinking about Thursday. At least I can actually get some Practice first before we play.

I live in Concord and play Marvel



i wont be there till 10.

We can play marvel of course. Let me know if you guys want to come and I’ll send you a pm.

MARVELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!! im down to come play shoot me your addy, aaron.

Sup, Gathering is gonna start a bit later. Check the first post for all updated info.
If anyone gets lost call me up (925)360-1117

Oh yeah, please bring consoles if you want to play something else. I’ve got plenty of TVS, but only 2 dcs and 1 ps3. 1 dc is for cvs2, the other can be used for whatever. The PS3 is for tekken only.

:angel::angel:yayyyy it was hella fun, aaron. hope we weren’t too rowdy or anything cuz it would be good to do this weekly or something. thanks for having us. :lovin::lovin::angel::angel: