The 925 is alive

good times aaron. hopefully there will be more.

i had a blast last night. do this again asap plllllllllllz!!! lol

Thanks for coming everyone. Also another happy bday t kinetix who turned 23 yesterday.

Yeah hopefully we can do another one next week. that was a lot of fun. probly thurs or maybe the same day I dunno. Let me know what you guys want.

Som you missed out on ed209. me, phil & Marvin were raped. brutally raped.

that’s my nigga ed, mayng. i like him over som. WHATS THE DEAL?!

Looks like it’ll be Tuesday again dudes. Hope to see some of you here. In the interest in getting som over here, yeah Ed209 over som every day of the week!

ill bring the ps2 this time. also put 3s and marvel in your first post.

gas + toll = too much monies :frowning:

quit being a bitch somsomsomsomsoms and bring venkitty too YEEAEWHWALD MARRRRVWEEEELELLLLLLL

I like me better too!!!
Imma make it out tomorrow yall!!

and good games last time. thanks for having me and the hospitality, foos…

is it going down tonight?

Hope you can make it this time bro.

I’ll always update the first post with details on the next gathering.

wsup ! wheres this at… im trying to slide threw son! and marvel heads or whaa

yeah come on through man. I’ll shoot you a pm with the addy.

Make sure you bring sticks and ps2 dc adaptors.

good games…really good hwoarang.

yall got me all fucked up. I was all trippin out in my head in another world.

Yall need to hit me up on AIM: ed2o9CALI

what were you guys smoking on?? daaaaaaaamn!

shinobi!!! wassup with the gym, mayng! i’m seeeerious. i wanna get in shape! lol hit me up aim: Korngo

:lol: just wanted to remind you guys about our Marvel vs Capcom 2 this friday @ PlayNtrade in San lorenzo.
only **$6 ** to enter per tournament.


we are also bringing in our T.V.'s into the store so you don’t have to play on the HD T.V.'s

this friday!!!
Nov. 30th: Marvel vs. Capcom 2 (4:30pm-6:30pm), Tekken 5 Dark Resurrection (6:30pm-8:30pm)

Play N Trade
17780 Hesperian Blvd.
San Lorenzo, CA 94580

GET HYPED!!! :lol::nunchuck::cool:

no more crap stuff for ed. have fun with the rest of it.

yeah that was some good shit. Good shit to Farrid and Ramin for hooking that up.

Damn ed u can side step like a mofo, made me change the way I usually play.

Korngo, I’d be down to go if one of us drove. I have get another job soon.

Denjinryu - you live so close dude let me know when you want to come over and we can try and get some games in.

Actually, whenever you guys feel like playing let me know and as long as I’m not doing anything you can come over.

aaron, that was me there, not my brother.