The 925 is alive

I smoked before I mad that post. Sorry about that.

any of you guys play at q-zar?

i did a few times with arthur, what days do you usually go.

How are the controls there btw? do they work?

weekends…but yea arthur is ususally there when im there

the controls there are fine…playable

Anyone want to come over tomorrow around 5ish or so? No gathering next week. let me know.

ayo im down to come threw today…hopefully some marvel heads will come threw?
i can bring a few of my homies

hey pvp if your going tonight with some of your friends, ill bring lyle and korngo. tell me if your for sure going .

Yeah lemme know too I’m hosting :slight_smile: You have the address right?

before you guys come give me a call first.

oh sorry, is it alright aaron if we take over your house?

I just got a call and a couple more people are coming. This will probably be the last big gathering until the new year, so GOGOGOGOGO

Edit: If anyone out there has a ps2> Xbox converter bring it. it’ll save a TV for something else.

nice meeting all of you guys…and thanks Aaron for lettin us chill at your crib…let me know when the next time you plan on doin this… ill make sure to bring more heads… GG’s later

GGS & thanks for coming everyone. Might be the last one until January, or maybe we’ll do it again this week depending on who’s here and if peoples are down to come through. i dunno, who knows.

These gatherings are like a shadow of what we used to have going in vallejo, I’d like to get it at that status again. Maybe I’ll build a couple cabs in the next month or so, I dunno.

Edit: Nima you left a rumble pack(?) and your ps2>pc adapter.

Thanks for having me and gg’s to everyone there. Shinobi hit me up again when you’re doing this again. The garage is not a bad idea at all.

thanks for having me again, shinobi.

i stillllllllll want more crack. lol

cvs2/3s/mvc2, i’ll play whatever. lol

thats wrong bro you jacked my boy TND’s AV aka RJizzle. Shady

lol i think rjizzle jacked that av from someone else, mike. lol

nah that nigga had it made like 5 years ago. he was the only 1 with that i swear

iunno, i seen hella dudes with it before but it might of been rjizzle just i didn’t know it was him at the time. lol

my bad.

nigga pulled a av jack.

now when does everyone play q-zar? and can anyone hook me up with a ride next time they go? lol

Yeah, I remember RJ having that av when no one else was using it. Doesn’t matter really, cuz I’ve seen hella other people usin it now. U should come out next gathering, unlike past gatherings there are a lot more mvc2 players. Plus, I needs me a better hookup, the one I have now is getting on my fucking nerves.