The 925 is alive

awesome dude. i live uh about 5 minutes away from you driving distance.

i’ll try to remember about this and head over on the assigned date.

usuallly week ends…but yea hit us up we probably got a ride for you… and we need to get on those smackers one time broo

lemme know as well, it’s walking distance for me. Dude you really didn’t have to change your av. Can’t please everyone.

Fucking patriots got lucky tonight.

hell yeah, let’s do it.

if you got aim or any IM, hit me up.

AIM: korngo
YIM: xxkorngoxx
myspace url: … i use myspace IM too

hit me up niggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggas


I don’t post hella here, but I got into TS recently and if it was cool, I’d be willing to swing by and play.

aight…lets make it happen this week end…lmk

Edit: o wait NCR is this week correct? who’s going…

Aaron check your pm’s.

yo aaron, sorry i missed your call. my phone didnt even ring, it just said i have a message so i didnt even get your number.

anyway, i cant make it tonight. thanks for the invite though, i would hella go if it werent for finals

it’s all good dude good luck. Anyone can come over and play some tekken tonight if they want. I got some godz gift. Damn I just smoked some, and the shit just soned me. lol.

if i had a ride, i would love to come over tonight. lol i want some of that godz gift + play tekken. lemmie see what’s up with ed.

when is the next gathering???

I dunno, Probably sunday if peeps are down.


Ptobably too late, bu yeah you could have came over. next time gimme a call.

i wanna play marvel 2nite who’s down. i am also mobile hit me up fellas

i might be down mike. last of school! hit me up if something goes down. if you don’t have my number tyler has it.

Gathering Sunday PPL!

Sup mike, you know if you want you can come over pretty much whenever you want(except friday nights). Just give me a call, and If I’m not doing anything I’m down for some games. I’ll try and call a couple of the local players as well. I might get killed, but marvel is a fun game that I really don’t mind playing. emme know.

so sunday for sure??? let’s dooooooo this.

wont be there till around 10.

scrubkiller (mike) GO TO THIS SHIT !!! i need to learn some mst stuff im hella new (we met at joshs house in berkeley a couple months ago).