The Abel Match-Up Thread



** ::tup::THE NEW ABEL MATCH UP THREAD ::nunchuck::**

Another Match-Up thread :amazed:? Really? Yes… since the other match-up and strategy thread isn’t being maintained anymore, this thread will be the continuation of it.

I’ll be sure to update this thread every so often so users don’t have to go through threads to obtain pieces of information.

                                             .:wgrin: :wgrin: :wgrin:.

Ya’ll know the drill…:coffee: If you got something to contribute in regards to a specific match up please share with everyone.

If ya’ll got something new about Abel himself that you think is cool please share.

And obviously check to make sure what you want to share has been tested in training mode before hand. :nono:

Vs. Abel

** Vs. Adon**

** Vs. Akuma**

** Vs. Balrog**

** Vs. Blanka


Electricities have no invincibility on start up so they can all be smacked out of on start up.
Stuff Blanka balls with St. Strong medium punch since it has 6 active frames with only 5 start up :wgrin:

[spoiler=Easy Punishes]Amazon River Run on block is always a free step kick.
Up ball in any form on block will give a free COD punish every time.
UpBall and Horizontal Ball in any form and ON HIT OR BLOCK will give a free U1 Punish.


Abel MUST MUST MUST MUST be blocking STANDING UP… after you block it, dash in and do the kick, it’ll work i promise…:wgrin:[/details]

Dealing w/ Ultra

[details=Spoiler] Block his ultra low then high then low… then asap do a light roll into elbow ultra or whatever else

If you can’t take the chip and you have no meter… simply block the first low attack and roll away. You will take no chip and you’ll be safely on the other side.:sweat:



** Vs. Cammy**

** VS. Chun-Li**

** Vs. Cody**

** Vs. C-Viper**

** Vs. Dan**

** Vs. Deejay**

** Vs. Dhalsim**

** Vs. Dudley**

**Vs. El Fuerte**

** Vs. E.Honda**

**Vs. Fei Long**

**Vs. Gen**

**Vs. Gouken**

**Vs. Guile**

**Vs. Guy**

**Vs. Hakan**

**Vs. Ibuki**

**Vs. Juri: 


[details=Spoiler][spoiler=Fuzzy Guard]Juri’s got one trick up her sleeve which can screw over big characters. If Abel chooses to block low after a jump in attack, Juri has to option to jump back strong. It’s very fast and it will overhead, it can also be canceled into a dive kick which she can then combo into Ultra II:arazz:**… If you play a juri that knows this trick try to block it…the dive kick on block will give abel a elbow opportunity into anything you want:smile:

Video: [media=youtube]62rkmncXHkk[/media][/details]


[details=Spoiler] I don’t have any frame data on me so i spent some time in training mode instead. It seems that her pin wheels medium kick and higher are punishable by step kick on block with heavy and EX being very easy while Medium being a little tight. Light Kick pinwheel while not being to punish with step kick on block, it seems to be vulnerable to 5 framers… Standing strong is the best option here… just for fun you can FADC standing strong, TT :cool:

As for her Dive kicks… Again this is from me in training mode i don’t possess any precise frame data so this information might be wrong. It seems that if Juri only does the first kick with no follow up… like kick (which is the safest one) can be punished with a step kick ONLY IF ABEL BLOCKS HIGH!!![/details]

Anti Abel Okizeme

[details=Spoiler]Another thing about Juri… He Close Medium kick makes her air born from the first start up frame until the first active frame and this means 2 things.

#1 if abel is right next to her and she wakes up with this move, she can’t be command thrown :shake:

#2 if abel tries to hit her, she will be reset. :mad:

In other words the scenario of “command throw… dash roll HP xx COD” =The Cl. HP will reset her, the first rekka will whiff and she gets a big punish. :rolleyes:

Since she’s Air born she can be falling sky’d… try it out if you’re feeling lucky. It looks cool by the way:cool:.[/details]

**Vs. Ken**

**Vs. Makoto**

**Vs. M. Bison**

**Vs. Rose**

**Vs. Rufus**

**Vs. Ryu**

**Vs. Sagat**

**Vs. Sakura**

**Vs. Seth**

** Vs. T. Hawk **

[details=Spoiler] [spoiler=Condor Spire]Poor Hawk: T hawk’s Condor Spires don’t seem to have any attack invincibility on them at all, including Ex. They have 15-20 frames of start up :wtf:fucking sucks! so you should have an easy time stuffing; The obvious normal of choice is Standing Strong… 6 active frames!!! *Oh Ya! normals ones can be focus absorbed while the EX breaks armor; and on top of that they can’t be fadc’d!:clapdos: man this move is terrible!

Condore Spire from POINT BLANK will always always always put T hawk at a frame disadvantage: At best he will be -7, at worst he will be -10. EX puts him at -3 so there’s no reliable punish for thatWhile step kick is always an option on a blocked spire… it’s still risking an SPD since it can possibly be a 1 frame punish… so another better and safer option is to do Close. HP which come out in 4 frames. Once thing to keep in mind is that Condor Spire pushes back so if you want to be close enough for that Close HP to come out for the punish be sure to block the spire ** WHILE CROUCHING **.

I’ll say it again… these tips on spire apply IF AND ONLY IF it is done at point blank… if the player spaces it out than the numbers will be a little off… Try it out from all different ranges to get a feel as to what will work and when. [/details]


[details=Spoiler] His guile double sweep: The move has 2 kicks 2 active frames each and 9 frames in between. It’s a little quick but abel can block the first one, focus dash the second one TT. Another option EX COD or straight up EX TT with out focus dash. T hawk can be a little scary when he knocks down abel so try your hardest to be on the lookout for this move and punish it rather than be knocked down by it!!!

From my experience with T hawk his main pokes are Far standing Strong, Crouching Medium Kick, and Far standing Roundhouse.

T hawk is a character that gets hit by Cl.fierce while crouching. IF abel can step kick Hawk’s cr. medium kick on reaction, that’s a free combo, even from max range!!!:wtf:. Far standing strong is tough to react to, if a 7 frame move like step kick feels to slow… standing short will work better.
His far standing roundhouse has over 20 frames of recovery… lots of range… ** HERP DERP PUNISH!!!**[/details]

Condor Dive

[details=Spoiler]At it’s best proper spacing, Condor Dive can ** ALWAYS ** be punished with a single Dash LIGHT Command Grab or Ultra I or II .:lovin:
If it’s badly spaced abel can do step kick or elbow… you’ll be able to tell what you can do by the spacing… it’s very obvious.[/details]

Thrust Peak


Hawk has this pathetic move called “Thrust peak”… most hawk players try to forget it exists:rofl:… and it’s well they should lol! Well the aminamtion looks like he’s trying to swat a fly… it just so happens to be** -5 ON HIT! and -8 ON BLOCK!:lol: PUNISH THAT SHIT!:lovin:**

wake up


Ex Tomahawk buster is pretty much his only tool on wake up… no meter = no wake, up. Oh ya… it’s 5 frames start up… so SAFE JUMP!

Vs. Vega

**Vs. Zangief**


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reserve 8


About blanka I think if you block high you can immediately do u1 and works. And Juri if you block high her wall dive she will whiff part or her attack and you can do cr.hp or whatever into whatever you want.



blanka : “Block his ultra high then low…”

… at point blank (where blanka usually does his ultra), you have to block low first on startup, and then high when he’s going up, and when he’s rolling on the ground can be blocked both high or low. basic stuff imo.


oh… i forgot to type that… good catch.


Point blank blanka, focus dash-back then ex fs. Brick shitting will promptly follow.

Btw, is this thread honestly necessary? HAV seems to be doing this but with 10x more efficiency.

Fuck it, I’m not the one in charge of cleaning up forums…


Hav’s thread is a Theory thread where he goes over match ups along with themes to the match ups more in depth if you will… This thread is gonna be more of what raging storm had going on… i guess more about direct punishes things to look out for without going to deep into the mindset that goes with the match up.



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I don’t have time to check the frame data for Super right now as I’m at work but I believe it was the case in Vanilla (and I THINK for super) where:

Horizontal Ball in any form and ON HIT OR BLOCK will give a free U1 Punish.

This line should read “Horizontal Ball in any form (Except counter hit) and ON HIT OR BLOCK will give a free U1 Punish.”

Feel free to correct me if this is a mistake but I can’t verify it until I get home.


so this is essentially a “what punishes what” thread?




Try compiling this info into the one match up thread. Props though. Okie dokie.