The Abigail Video Thread

WSO Abigail Showcase stream archive!

j HK, s MP, b+HP, QCF+MP, P rapidly! QCF+HP doesn’t reach.

LOLOL he looks pretty interesting.

You can do f.hp xx l smash after an ex smash for a bit more damage than h punch, you just have to do the f.hp as late as possible. Never landed it after a parry. Never trained parry follow ups though, so I may have fucked up, or parry just eats a juggle point.

Yo how the hell is Guile able to Suplex him!? He looks like he is merging with his body!

Make video on the pre-jump frame throw immunity stuff

After a successful V skill parry, Abigail gets c HK, V Trigger!

bunch of goodies within. Proper v-skill usage, how to get armour on frame 1 instead of frame 3 and more.

Finally! I’ve been searching for something like this for the past 2 weeks!

Abigail in the second clip

Hey guys. Native impact has been posting some nasty Abigail combos. This character is nuts