The Action Arcade Thread

Sure, the sticks blow and the constant repetition of Initial D music annoys the shit out of me, but, for where it is, Action Arcade is in a damn convenient location for some of us.

So, I thought I’d start a thread for the players there.

sad enough… i think me and septimus are the only ones in the forum from the arcadia area… haha… and yes… besides the annoying repetitive music of the initial D game next to the 3s machine and the broken ass sticks they rarely repair, its the only machine within 20 miles haha…
if youre around the arcadia and dont mind putting up with retarded sticks, its an ok place to start some comp

If you see a fat asian kid playing the mexican (lk) Alex, thats me.

I’d go if the sticks work since its like 1 min from my house. But they never work :sad:

If they ever fix them let me know and I’ll go.

Okay, the sticks were complete garbage today, but good games to all who showed up (and are probably still there as I’m posting this).

Question, for anyone who went today (friday)

Who was that pro guy who played makoto/yun and stuffs?

Just wonderin.

ive been playing with that guy since high school… he taught me how to KARA throw… but i never use it since i use dudley… i dont really know his name… i just call him the crazy guy that has a mean necro… his yuns really good too… hes not that pro… but he is good… for sure… were those all your friends that went?

the sticks at action still suck… the buttons are ok… but the sticks are shit… and if they ever do get fixed, theyll be good for a couple days till some noob goes and messes it all up again… but youre always welcome pyro… bring it on!

:hp: on the player 1 side is busted, actually. Sometimes your attacks just don’t come out.

I think of my friends, I’m the best in theory. Just cuz I take the time to watch videos and visit srk and all this stuff. Yeah

Today my friend tom rented out the arcade for his birthday so I played 3s for free for 3 and a half hours! Yay!

Surprise, surprise. The joysticks are busted again.

I play yun

fuking action arcade!

Action’s stick is still broken (if Player 1 holds :d: on his stick, Player 2 can’t block or back-dash :bluu:), but it looks like the Quickly on Second and Live Oak fixed its sticks. There are two problems with Quickly’s machine, however:

  1. The damage is set extremely high, such that Chun’s SA2 does about 50% damage.
  2. The sticks are Sanwa, which really isn’t a problem to some people.

Other than that, the place is open until midnight (if not later), so it’s a good alternative to FFA if you aren’t in the mood to drive.

I’m from the Arcadia area… it is a convenient location, but fuck, there are no games except initial D and 3s. Tell them to hook up several Mvc2 machines, they’ll start getting mad business… since PacMan closed down, it’ll be the only joint in town with multiple MVC2 machines.

I’ll tell them, but I doubt they’ll do it. They don’t even fix the 3S sticks when I ask them to. :bluu:

Well, no MvC cabs yet, but the 3S sticks are fixed.

When I went yesterday the 2p stick was great. Yay.

i remember back in the day they had all the fighting games. then cs came around. that killed action arcade :frowning:

stupid lan stations… wtf man! they used to have a grip of fighting games… like SF alpa tekken tag and other misc. games like that… but now the owners are asian… and i think that says enough… i mean it was a great idea at one point to make it a lan station… but shit it was only a fad… bring back the arcades!!!
i rmember when it was open till 12 midnight… those were the days… -sigh-