The Action Movie Thread: More Bullets than Cable


I was gonna make some post on how awesome Mad Max was and underrated the new Judge Dredd movie but fuck it all, we need a thread for this.

Current undisputed GOAT all of SRK needs to watch is Mad Max Fury Road. After this we need to make a super solid recommended watch. We may end up biting some territory off of the Kung Fu thread (Rumble in the Bronx is a godlike action movie) but I think that overlap is pretty damn ok. Westerns and Sci Fi movies that are up there in the action deserve the mention too.

I’ll update the OP whenever we reach a decent consensus. Odds are really good that this Sunday there will be a list with all the suggestions on things people should start watching.

Quick Aside, I’d like to know what are some of your personal GOATs. As silly as it is, Commando goes ridiculously hard as fuck as an action movie. There is something so terrible and genious about it that makes it non stop entertainment from beginning to end. For incredibly biased reasons, The Demolition Man is up there in my personal list too. By current standards it isn’t the most action packed but it is filled with a good deal amount of entertaining nonsense.


Die Hard 1 and 2. Yipee ki yay, Mr Falcon.


It hurt me how much people slept on Dredd.

Which is why I’m so relieved Fury Road got/is getting all of this much deserved love.


Dredd is great.
Mad Max is great.
The Raid: Redemtion is great.


Mad Max gets to the point quick. They are never really at ease.

Commando, Predator, First Blood, Rambo 2. Greatness.

I loved demolition man for fucking wesley snipes killing it.

For me you need three things for an action movie.

  1. kick ass action
  2. humor
  3. finality

The movies need to be standalone honestly.

I liked missing in action and octogon for the violence. Why chuck became family friendly in the nineties with shit movies like nature warrior i will never know

Van Damme was cool with me

Segal sucked the fun out of anything. Glimmer Man was okay.

I hated how they tried to make damon wayans into a bad ass. Don’t work.

Bad Boys 2 is an epic


Hard boiled, the killer, raid, die hard, rambo, predator, the proffesional


Kiss the dragon, police story, Bangkok knockouts, eastern condors


Speaking of Die Hard. This is coming out in October.


The new Judge Dredd had to be the best non-sober action movie i’ve ever seen in my life.

I feel dirty for saying this, but i loved Doom.

Special shoutout for Interstallar on that command throw Matt Damon pulled in the middle of it all.


Dredd was so good. Its sad people slept on it so much. If you haven’t seen it, then queue it up on Netflix.

In regards to the Mad Max love, since the opening weekend I haven’t heard anyone (media wise) talk about the film. Basically everyone was on Jurassic World and Terminator. I saw Jurassic World and it was very meh… I feel like Mad Max spoiled me and now I will compare action movies to Mad Max.


I don’t know how valid it’ll be to do this to a movie. I don’t think other action flicks are less entertaining because Fury Road was so damn grand. Taking a completely serviceable action movie like Crank, which is pretty damn fun to watch, and then turning to say that its ass because FR is great doesn’t help people figure out viewing experience.

How do we rank Arnold movies, Lethal Weapons, and Jason Statham movies in this? Definitely want a good list in the OP for people.


I’ve never seen Commando.

Besides Die Hard 1, which other Die Hards are considered good?


Well i think for me it’s about the production value in FR. I enjoy a lot of action movies even after FR. but some are just corny is all. But I think action is getting better.

Lethal weapon is the epitome of buddy cop movie. I wasn’t too big on 4 but I always enjoyed the series.

Target has Terminator 2, Rambo first blood and John Rambo for $5 each on BR


2 is awesome, and 3 is great because Samuel L.


I really need to give 2 another look. I saw it years ago and didn’t really care for it. 1 and 3 were always on TV so I ended up loving them. Never saw the later ones since they looked like they jumped the shark hard from the trailers.


I really enjoyed John Wick as a simple no-bullshit action movie

The plot is thin but it doesn’t waste time pretending otherwise


Die Hard 1, 2, and 3 are all solid movies. 3 is different from the other ones because it doesn’t take place in one stationary place (1 is inside a building and 2 in an airport).

How do you guys rate Steven Seagall movies? Haven’t seen them in a minute so I don’t know how well I remembered them.


Under Siege is awesome because of cake.


I give love to fast 5-7

Rock just always bad ass. Rock in faster and the rundown so fucking cool.


Rambo IV, Above the Law, Desperado

Although not movies, Banshee & Spartacus tv series