The actual stick on my Tournament Edition stick is acting weird. Advice?


I noticed earlier in the week when I played that whenever I’d throw a hadouken, shoryuken would come out instead. Now I’m not the greatest player in the world, but I’m good enough to do either on command without messing up. I also started to notice that sometimes I would walk backwards when I meant to crouch.

Since my buttons are fine, I am 99.9% positive there’s something wrong with the actual stick. This is pretty frustrating because I treat my stick really well and it was a 150 dollar investment. I can’t think of any time where I’ve banged it or jerked it hard that would make this happen.

So a few questions…

  1. Has this happened to anyone? If so…

  2. Is there anything I can do at home via screwdriver? I’m not tech savy, but I’m sure I could fix anything minor if given decent instructions.

  3. If not, how much would it cost me to get the stick replaced/fixed? Would buying a new stick completely be more feasible?

Thanks guys.

PS: I don’t use this section of the site, so if I’m not following some sort of guideline please tell me or a mod. I didn’t see any “Stick help” stickies, so I assumed this was ok.


I’d say calling gameshark/madcatz tech support would be the best since modding/DIY fix would void the warranty…

But if you must attempt fixing it yourself, I’d say first get a allen key wrench and open the 6 bolts on the top of the face plate, and lift the joystick up to dislodge the plate from the base of the stick. Look at the square restrictor does it look fine?

Borrowed this image off of the user “gl0ry”

Other wise my second guess is that a micro switch is damaged and not reading correctly. It would be easier to probably just get a new JLF stick for $20-23 and screw it in. I can be wrong.

My best advice again, is to contact the tech support and see if they can help you. Trouble shooting a malfuctioning stick is a pain, and sometimes you can waste money on a perfectly good part and find that it doesnt fix a thing.


well said frost


First thing that you have to check is the LS/DP/RS switch on the turbo panel. Make sure it is on DP.

And you can open the TE stick from the top without voiding the warranty.

The picture that AoBfrost posted is of a Sanwa optical stick, not a standard JLF which is used in TE sticks.

If your issue is with the microswitches, you can just replace the microswitch PCB array instead of buying a whole new joystick.


Yea I knew the picture was wrong, but it was the best picture of a square gate I could find. I guess the target was for me to get him to look at the center and make sure it’s still square and not cracked or damaged. Thought though on gameshark’s site it says any modification or changes made to the stick voids the warranty?

Direct from the JLF stick page in the store.

Thus why I just reccomended instead of explaining how to swap out micro switches, just buy a whole new stick and plug it in.


Yeah, I suppose I assumed it didn’t void the warranty because the warranty sticker is on the bottom.

Also, replacing the microswitch array is a lot easier than replacing the whole joystick, not to mention a lot cheaper. It doesn’t even require the use of a screwdriver besides an allen key to open the top panel. Just unplug the wire harness and push the gate off of the tabs.

However, just in case the issue is actually with the Mad Catz PCB, if you’re still under warranty and don’t want to void it, send the TE stick back to Mad Catz to have them repair it.



The very first thing you need to do is go to the training screen, training options, input display is ON…
try to re-create the problem and see what the stick is doing. It may be your imagination… more possible its something you can track down by actually seeing the error such as left microswitch is acting up… down isnt responding… ect.
After you figured out the general direction you are having problems with and its not operator error THEN you open the stick up and look inside…
no reason to just open a stick because you felt you were doing something and the stick did something else. if you cant recreate the problem then a little more practice would be a good thing.
The info above this post is after you are able to pinpoint a possible problem.
If you do open her up just make sure the cable to the JLF is secure first before you tear into the microswitch housing… see if that helps.


Thanks a lot guys. I think I’m going to call them first rather than void my warranty. How long is a warranty for, though? I’ve had this stick since last August.



If the wrong move is coming out (especially if it’s on SFIV/SSFIV), then it would be best to first assume that it’s a user issue. Check on the training screen first. Better yet, try it on another game that’s less lenient on the inputs and see if it’s just you.